VandyMania Interview: John Jenkins

John Jenkins led the way with 23 points in Vanderbilt's 65-53 semifinal win over Ole Miss Saturday in the SEC Tournament. The junior gave VandyMania an exclusive locker room interview about Sunday's title match with Kentucky.

VandyMania: John, you guys have had close games the last two days going into the second half, but then late in the second half you've been able to put the other team away. Why do you think that's been the case?

John Jenkins: I really couldn't tell you. I think we've been kind of fiddling around instead of attacking the game, two nights in a row. But I think we'll be all right tomorrow. It should be a great game.

VandyMania: You got good minutes from the guys off the bench today. They played more minutes than they usually do, letting the starters rest some. Do you think that will stand you in good stead for playing a third game in three days?

John Jenkins: I'm extremely proud of Dai-Jon and Kedren tonight. They really played well down the stretch and showed a lot of poise in a huge game for us. Fatigue won't be any issue. We'll be so hyped, we'll be all right.

VandyMania: Can you talk about facing not only Kentucky, but that big crowd that's going to be against you tomorrow?

John Jenkins: Yeah, all we'll be seeing is blue. We understand that. They have a huge fan base. But we'll go out and fight, and we'll be all right.

VandyMania: Was today a case of, just keep shooting until you start making them?

John Jenkins: Yeah, that's happened a couple of times this year. I'm not going to just stop shooting if I'm not making shots. I'm a shooter and it's my job to make shots. That's what I did in the second half.

VandyMania: Were you surprised that Ole Miss came out in a zone and stuck with it?

John Jenkins: We knew it was coming, but not the whole game like that. We weren't sure how long they were going to play it. It was very effective in the first half. We needed to either penetrate or get the ball into Fes, and we weren't doing either one in the first half.

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