Barry Booker pumped over SEC-T run

Former Vanderbilt star Barry Booker is pumped over Vanderbilt's recent SEC run. Booker was kind enough to share his thoughts about the Commodore SEC-Title run here on Look inside to see what the SEC's all-time most accurate 3-point shooter had to say.

I'm still so excited about this past weekend – can't stop smiling! I thought you all might be amused by something I sent out to a group of my classmates with whom I've been corresponding during the past couple of years about VU sports. I hope you're well and I hope you find this amusing.

How ‘bout them COMMODORES!!!

I am amazed with how God has blessed me in so many ways – this past weekend was one of the best of my life. I can't even skim the surface of all the good things, but a few highlights:

1) I have bonded with John Jenkins and his family. John and I talked after the SC game (2/22) about leadership. We have been exchanging texts and talking about things since. I mostly tell him to shoot and make it :-). I've connected with Steve, Festus, Tinsley, and a couple of assistant coaches as well – very cool!

2) I've connected with C(oach)K(evin)S(tallings) since that SC game. He's been surprisingly open about some things – told me some confidential things – he's been very nice. Everyone around the program has been very nice -- they always are, but exceedingly nice to me lately.

3) My 3 brothers went to N. O. with me for the Tourney. That has become a family tradition over the past 5 or 6 years that is priceless for the bonding time. It's always good, but this year was by far the most I've enjoyed my time with them. Playing my big bro's alma mater in the 1st round of the NCAAT – I haven't talked to him about that yet, but I'm sure he's excited.

4) The TV broadcasts were really good. I'm amazed that I've been allowed to do that for 19 years now and I'm amazed with how well everyone treats me. You guys know how reserved I am and how I don't like attention :-) -- Since I'm only "working" at halftime and between games and there's not much prep involved, I love roaming around the arena hanging out with the people. The KY fans are so sweet to me that people who don't know me assume that I'm one of theirs.

5) Friday night, the VU radio folks asked if I would be willing/able to handle color for the radio broadcasts at the Tourney after Friday night. The usual color man, Tim Thompson (VU '81), wanted to watch his daughter's State Tourney hoops final on Saturday in Nashville. I had a feeling how things were going to turn out – I couldn't believe I would get to be on the air for it!

6) As part of my radio broadcast duties, we interviewed Festus and Coach Stallings after the game. Festus slapped 3 or 4 high 5's that left my hand stinging and CKS, was near tears talking about how much it meant for the team. He was saying, "The players did it, blah, blah, blah." I said, "Including this year, you have led us to 6 of our 13 all-time NCAAT appearances, 4 of our 9 NCAAT W's, 7 of our 19 all-time 20 W seasons, and 1 of our 2 SECT titles!" He said, "I like the sound of that last one the most." I think he REALLY appreciated hearing those accomplishments and having Vanderbilt nation hear it. I was near tears several times during the broadcast and a buddy of mine sent me a text during the post-game, "You're giggling like a school girl!!" My response: "Yes I am! With tears of joy."

7) I came back to Nashville on the team charter and ended up watching the game over CKS' left shoulder as he watched the 1st half on his laptop. He would turn to me and make comments every few minutes – "That's a foul!" "They let Davis get away with so much." "I earned that technical – like to get my money's worth." I got a piece of the nets and a Championship t-shirt along the way too!

INCREDIBLE!!! I'm sooooo thankful to be a part. Lots of good things still available for this team -- I think they're about to make more history! They actually already have -- we've never been to 3 consecutive NCAAT's until now. We've never won more than 2 games in the NCAAT, we haven't gone to the Elite 8 since '65, and we've never been to the F4 or beyond. It's gonna be fun to watch!

Go 'Dores!!

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