Common Dore Club plans tailgate for Ole Miss game

As football season approaches, there is one aroma we can all smell in the air. FOOD! That smell that winds its way down Natchez Trace and Jess Neely Drive is intoxicating, and it will be here sooner than you think!

One Tradition Vandy has started as of late is the Star Walk. However, attendance at the Star Walk has been, decent. Many fans complain "I don't know exactly when they start" or "I gotta clean up my grill, then we'll go", yet they arrive too late. Well, thanks to the SPIRIT OF GOLD, that issue is NOW DEAD! The Spirit of Gold has agreed to parade by the Capers Lot and let us know the Star Walk is approaching. Then, they will lead a parade to the Star Walk, and US FANS are invited to join in the procession.

Can you imagine it? Tailgating at Capers, biting into a juicy cheeseburger, then hearing the Spirit of Gold approach. You stand to see the Band and hear them play your favorite song, "DYNAMITE!" You walk to join other Commodore fans as everybody shakes a shaker and sings along! Then, you quickly pack up, as the Band plays another selection or two, and then you join in behind them, and parade down to the Star Walk. Your blood is pumping, you see the practice fields, you hear the band, you see GOLD everywhere, and then you see the Star Walk. The team comes out to a STREET FULL OF GOLD and everybody goes WILD!!!!!!!!!

Folks, this is an EXCELLENT opportunity for us VANDY fans to SHOW OUR GOLD! If we have success with AN early game like the Ole Miss opener, think of what can happen in the future? Lets all get out there and SHOW OUR GOLD!!!!!!

If you are interested in the tailgate and/or the Common Dore Club, please post on your respective board. If you have a specialty you can provide (drinks, chips, grills, burgers, steaks, free shakers, ANYTHING) please tell in your post! I KNOW it's early, but for something like this to have a HUGE impact immediately, we need to plan early.

Football season is near… lets do OUR part to SHOW OUR GOLD FOR THE MEN IN BLACK AND GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more information, contact vandyrules at

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