Vanderbilt unveils new Uniforms

Yesterday was the day when Vanderbilt put to rest all the rumors and talk by unveiling the schools newest uniform designs. In a way that could really not be any more Vanderbilt, the unveiling took place in a Nashville bookstore, and initial reactions have been mainly positive.

When Nike first revealed that new and updated uniforms were in the pipeline many were a little skeptical about what the Oregon company would do. Nike is not exactly known for their tact or subtle adjustments when redesigning uniforms, and many of the garish designs teams have worn in recent years are all down to the brain trust in Beaverton. Thankfully though, the Commodores will not be playing in monochrome, stripes, lightning bolts, or any other off the wall creation of the kind Nike is occasionally known for.

Instead Nike has stuck closely to the traditional Vanderbilt color palette and has actually made a number of subtle changes that will enhance the look of the Commodores. Though much of the reason for new unis is in the upgraded technology (terms like flywire and high impact were thrown around liberally during the launch) the look has to be right too.

Head Coach James Franklin described the new gear as "a simple, but sexy look", and the new jerseys, pants, and helmets, allow Vandy to choose between 40 combinations for game day. Of particular note is that for the first time since the early ‘90s the word Vanderbilt will be prominently featured on the front of all Commodore jerseys. This is hugely symbolic of the way that Franklin wants the players to be proud of the school as they represent on the field every Saturday.

Other changes we like include the change to black shoulders, numbers, and letters on the gold jersey and an awesome looking white helmet which will be worn by the team for the first time in three decades. Though new uniforms do not guarantee success on the field, keeping up with the style and look of other SEC schools is of vital importance in the PR and recruiting battlefields.

Consider this a win for Vandy. Top Stories