Vandy's 2012 Football Media Guide

Vanderbilt 2012 Football Guide is 160 pages in length and features seniors Zac Stacy, Rob Lohr, Jordan Rodgers, Trey Wilson and Ryan Seymour on the cover. While previous football preseason publications were listed as either a "media guide" or "Fact Book", this edition simply states "2012 Vanderbilt Football" on the cover.

On the inside cover of the 2012 edition you get color photos of Vandy's coming Multipurpose Center. On page 2 black and white photos of Vandy's current or soon to be finished facilities are pimped including the new jumbotron and hill, locker room, meeting rooms and team auditorium.

Page 3 and 4 give you more B&W photos, this time of game action type. A James Franklin photo gallery is featured on pages 4 and 5 with the heading "Changing the Culture on West End".

On the the back inside cover is a color photo of Eddie Foster, John Cole, Richard Kent, Austin Monahan, Ryan Fowler and Eric Samuels. The back cover features Johnell Thomas, Josh Jelesky, Archibald Barnes, Tristan Strong and Colt Nichter.

Overall it looks like a pretty spiffy and well-designed Vanderbilt media guide. Check out the 2012 on-line edition by clicking on the link below: Top Stories