2012 Vandy offense most profolic ever?

James Franklin's inaugural 2011 Commodore offense produced 339 yards and 26.7 points per game. The 347 points scored in 2011 was the most compiled in a season since 1915. With the bulk of the Commodore offense back in 2012 and with a year of experience in John Donovan's offense, just how much improvement can we expect to see in the 2012 offense?

You've all heard the news about Brian Kimbrow tearing it up in preseason Commodore practice and heard the stories of Jordan Rodgers completing nearly 70 percent of his passes. It's exciting these days to be a Commodore fan. Especially when you consider that the returning offensive players are proven Commodore offensive juggernauts.

Sure when you look at the 2011 points per game you only have to go back to the non-bowl 2005 squad to find a team that averaged more points per game than the 2011 edition (26.7 to 27.1). Keep in mind though that 2005 squad had some excellent players on its team. Yes, Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett are household names among Commodore fans. For what it's worth, that team should have won a lot more games than it did. In short, that team missed out on a bowl because of a boneheaded blocking mistake on a field goal attempt. So, in the record book, look past the 2005 season's points per game and you'll have to look all the way down to 1948 to find a team that averaged more points per game than the 2011 version (29.8 to 26.7).

This leads me to wonder just how good this 2012 offense is going to be. The offense, especially the first unit, has been tearing up the defense so far in preseason practice. Returning starters like Jordan Matthews, Zac Stacy and Jordan Rodgers have looked sharp and ready do more damage to opponents in 2012.

One thing that makes me optimistic about the possibility of the 2012 offense doing something really special is the development of the offensive line. This is now a seasoned veteran studded line with tough, hard nose players like Wesley Johnson, Ryan Seymour and Josh Jelesky. These players along with the rest of offensive linemen will be bigger, stronger and wiser in 2012. Add in a solid group of six new freshmen lineman and you have the makings of a experienced, deep line for Vanderbilt in 2012.

We all know about the 2012 playmakers in Stacy, Rodgers, Boyd and Matthews. However, do the names "John Cole" and "Warren Norman" ring a bell? Because of injuries these two played little, if any, last season but both are said to be fully recovered for 2012. Norman was the SEC Freshman of Year in 2009 while Cole caught 61 passes combined during the 2009 and 2010 seasons. Adding these two to the mix should help the offense be even better.

Keep in mind too that Jordan Rodgers didn't play but about half of last season as the starting quarterback. Despite having limited reps with the starting offense he excelled and led the Vanderbilt offense to an average of 31 points per game as a starter.

All these indicators lead me to believe that the 2012 offense could very well do some special things. A strong line coupled with the return of playmakers combined the the return of Cole and Norman should spell big success for the 2012 VU offense.

The 2012 Vanderbilt offense should be able to average between 33 and 40 points per game. Including a bowl game, if the Commodores can average 40 points per game, the 2012 team will surpass the 1915 team and will have scored the most points ever by a Vanderbilt team in a season (520 to 513).

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