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One of the more interesting items to come out of fall camp each year is the unveiling of the depth chart for the new season. Players who have been giving blood, sweat, and tears on the practice field finally get to see unequivocally what their dedication for the last six months has been worth.

While fans who are at that point where football deprivation is totally unbearable will look up and down the list assessing every player and how the backup punting position could affect the Commodores chances of winning this fall.

One of the first things to note about the Vandy depth chart is just how young the Commodores are. Looking through the two deep roster there are only ten senior/grad students who will not be back next year. Every other player would be expected to be available for at least two more seasons in black and gold. This is a squad who is prepped to win now, but who are going to be a growing force in the SEC over the next few years.

At the start of fall camp there were a few whispers that Jordan Rodgers would be pushed all the way through the late summer days by Wyoming transfer Austyn Carta-Samuels. In the end the competition fizzled from the beginning as Rodgers continued to build on his seven starts from last year and distanced himself from the newcomer. This tells us that Franklin is very high on Rodgers and while he likes the depth at the position the incumbent is cemented in the role of signal caller.

With nine starters returning on offense and seven on defense there was little mystery about most of the first team roles that were revealed this week. The Commodores have the luxury of bringing along the younger players gradually which is completely in tune with how Franklin is building the program. That is not to say that talented youngsters will not get on the field, as five true freshmen found their way onto the depth chart. The most exciting of these is running back Brian Kimbrow who has been the talk of camp with his speed and skill set.

Franklin's message through his depth chart is obvious. With the strongest recruiting class in school history being molded for next year he is able to show that if you are talented enough coming out of high school you will find your way onto the field. The depth chart is the perfect mix of experience and youth and is aided by a number of veteran players (such a LB Chase Garnham and DE Colt Nichter) getting healthy just at the right time.

With less than a week to go until the season opener this is a very exciting time to be a Commodore fan.

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