The usual suspects are on hand for the traditional suspension game openers for a lot of the SEC, but uncharacteristically, several SEC teams are actually playing teams that will be competitive. Fair warning…I know little, and care less, about Missouri and Texas A&M. There is virtually no press coverage of those teams in the Southeast. That may change if they start knocking off the big boys……

LAST WEEK (0-0)-----OVERALL (0-0)

First the traditional cupcakes:
Jacksonville State @ Arkansas
Bowling Green @ Florida
Buffalo @ Georgia
North Texas @ LSU
Central Arkansas @ Mississippi
Jackson State @ Mississippi State
SE Louisiana @ Missouri
La. Tech @ Texas A&M

The SEC wins these games by an average of 29 points.

And now for the real games:

Kentucky @ Louisville – Kentucky has sunk to the bottom of the SEC barrel, and will not be surfacing anytime soon. Louisville by 17.

Clemson vs. Auburn in Atlanta – It's been awfully quiet from the Auburn troops so far this fall. I look for a typical first game, with lots of mistakes by both teams. Auburn by 3.

Alabama vs. Michigan in Arlington, TX – Why they are playing in Texas is a mystery to me. Makes no difference. The Tide rolls on. ‘Bama by 13.

N.C. State vs. Tennessee in Atlanta (Friday) - With all of the off-season distractions UTK really needed to have this game played at Neyland Stadium. Unfortunately, in Georgia the home field advantage will be largely negated. I wonder where the referees will be from…it might come down to that. Wolfies 27 – UTK 23.

South Carolina @ Vanderbilt (Thursday) - This will probably be published after the game, but is going to webmaster on Wednesday. The conference opener for both teams, and a lot of local and national interest. ESPN game, and the BLIMP will even be there. Looking forward to a real southern college football atmosphere (rare in Nashville) and an exceptionally good game. Coach Franklin has turned the ship around, but, like supertankers, it takes a while to get going in the other direction. Two more Franklin recruiting classes and Vandy wins this game, but they haven't quite gotten up to the standard of beating a top ten team at home to begin the season. Gamecocks 27 – Vandy 20. Top Stories