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LAST WEEK (11-1)-----OVERALL (29-6)

This week and next week represent the calm before the storm. Until then we have to endure the Florida Atlantics, South Alabama, etc. Then the fun begins.

The cupcakes:

Florida Atlantic @ Alabama – Alabama by 58 South Alabama @ Mississippi State – Cowbells 38 – S. Alabama 6

Akron @ UTK – UTK 45 – Zips zip

S. C. State @ TAMU – TAMU by 42

It's tempting to put the UK – UF game among the cupcakes, the same for LSUAuburn, but when it comes to SEC games, strange things can happen, so The real games:

Kentucky @ Florida – The hot seat keeps getting hotter for the Joker. The Blue Mist dissipates in the miasma of the swamp. Gators 42 – Mildcats 14.

LSU @ Auburn – The home field advantage might keep this respectable for a half, but the Plainsmen will fold in the second half. LSU 42 – Tigers 20

Rutgers @ Arkansas – Surely, surely, the Razorbacks are not so bad as to lose to Rutgers. Pigs 24 – Rutgers 17

Mississippi @ Tulane – This should be an easy win for the Rebels, but Mississippi may just be bad enough to lose. Nah, Tulane can match them mistake for mistake and then some. Mississippi 28 – Greenies 14.

Missouri @ South Carolina – The newbies are going to have to wait some more for the first win over an SEC school. USC (east) 31 – Mizzou 17

Vanderbilt @ Georgia – The wobbly wheels of the Vandy offense will be knocked completely off by the Georgia defense. It matters not which quarterback starts and plays, neither can complete a pass with a Georgia lineman sitting on his chest. I wish it were not so, but Georgia 28 – Vandy 10.

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