Three Keys Revisited: Vanderbilt at Georgia

It is never as much fun doing this after a loss, but it is time to take a look back and see what went wrong in Athens this weekend. This Vanderbilt team still has the potential to make a bowl game in 2012, but in order to do that the whole squad must learn from games like this one and make improvements in all aspects of their game.

1) Believe in the quarterback

No matter what James Franklin is saying publically about the quarterback situation, there is just an uneasy feeling about how it is being handled. With most expecting Austyn Carta-Samuels to get his second start in a row, Franklin instead turned back to previous starter Jordan Rodgers to face the Bulldogs. Though Franklin has been complimentary about Rodgers 13 of 23 for 218 yard performance, the fact that no touchdowns were put up stands out.

Franklin has since said that he will continue to announce his starter only an hour before the game based on the performance of Rodgers and Carta-Samuels in practice. To me this says that neither is doing enough to separate and that Franklin doesn't really trust either enough to carry his team. From a mindset standpoint this situation is not good for either player and for Vandy to make that bowl game Franklin needs to pick either Carta-Samuels or Rodgers and stick with him.

2) Nullify Jarvis Jones

Jones was not as dominant as he was in the Missouri game, but he was still a handful all night for the Commodores. He finished the game with 7 tackles including 3 for a loss and one drive killing sack at the end of the first quarter when the game was still there to be won. The attention given to Jones also allowed the other J.J. in the Georgia defense (Jordan Jenkins) to have himself a game, as he provided constant pressure from his outside linebacker spot and pulled in 2 sacks of his own.

3) Use the emotion from last year wisely

Though the emotion from last year may still have been on the players' minds Georgia got off to such a quick start that it essentially negated any advantage it may have given the Commodores. With penalties killing Vandy early, and the crowd baying for Commodore blood, the Georgia offense proved unstoppable as they rolled over a Vandy defense which looked overmatched. Through the first three games of the season Vandy has been in every game late, but this week it was essentially over by half time and the emotional aspect was taken completely out of the equation. Top Stories