When you play with an oblate spheroid, sometimes the angle of reflection does not equal the apparent angle of incidence. (Footballs take funny bounces.)

LAST WEEK (5-2)-----OVERALL (49-12)

Middle Tennessee @ Mississippi State – MSU continues the destruction of Tennessee football wannabes. MSU 49 – MTSU 14

Georgia @ Kentucky – The Mildcats looked absolutely helpless last week against Arkansas. This week they play a much better team, but I don't see how it could be much worse (except, of course, they may play a full 60 minutes). UGA 58 – UK 10

South Carolina @ Florida – Many, many question marks surround South Carolina after the debacle a LSU. But after watching Florida at Vandy last week, it is clear that Florida is not a top 10 team, and really, neither is South Carolina, especially with an injured Lattimore. I look for Florida's defense and lack of offense to dominate the game play, making this one Florida 10 – South Carolina 9.

LSU @ Texas A&M – LSU's objective this game…..dispose of TAMU and take a week off to get ready for the Crimson Tide. LSU takes care of business in this game. LSU 27 – TAMU 10

Alabama @ Tennessee – These games are almost always close, almost always defensive struggles. I don't see UTK having much of a running game against the Tide defense, and that means Tyler Bray will have problems having enough time to pass effectively. Expect the Alabama running game to punish the Vols for every mistake, and the score to be Alabama 28 – Tennessee 13

Auburn @ Vanderbilt – Arguably one of the most important games in the Franklin era. Favored by a touchdown at home against an SEC opponent. If VU loses this one, the bandwagon will empty quickly. Once again, past history favors Auburn, but I am currently a believer, and I've seen Auburn play…they are currently not very good. Vandy 27 – Auburn 10 Top Stories