Franklin quotes after Tuesday's practice

After Vanderbilt's third day of spring drills Commodore head coach James Franklin discussed his team's progress. Franklin spoke about the battle for the starting quarterback position, Jerron Seymour health, his hopes for Saturday's full scrimmage and more.

On his team practicing in full pads for the first day:

"They just gotta learn how to practice. Leave the testosterone or at least tone it down a little bit and understand that we're out here to play fast and use good techniques and fundamentals to stay off the ground and stay healthy. We haven't completely figured that out yet." On whether the defense lost its intensity without full tackling:

"No. It's hard because what you're saying is you're in pads, everybody's all juiced up. But then you're saying you can't tackle them (the offensive players) to the ground. You gotta keep everybody up, so it's hard because you gotta be under control. I was ok with that (the defense)."

On running back Jerron Seymour getting healthier:

"You guys remember two years ago how excited everyone was about him (Seymour). And then he got a little banged up and wasn't the same after that. And then the next year, we shut him down. So I think everybody's kinda forgot the ability that guy has. He's the guy that everybody on our team when he touches the ball stops and watches because his change of direction is unbelievable. It helps that he's got great balance. It also helps that he's 5-5 because his low center of gravity helps with his balance."

On whether he's been pleased with the quarterbacks so far:

"Yeah, especially Austyn (Carta-Samuels). I think Austyn is real sharp. To me when I watch the quarterbacks, I want it to make sense. You can make mistakes, but I want to understand. I want to say, ‘I understand why you made those mistakes or why you did that.' And right now he's (Carta-Samuels) very confident with his points, with his protections, with his reads, with his footwork. He's really confident right now and we gotta get some of the other guys, the number twos, the number threes and things like that to do the same thing."

On his hopes for the first Saturday scrimmage:

"I'm hoping we can have a great crowd, a bunch of people in the stands. It'll be the first time where it's a legitimate scrimmage. Again when you're in practice you have one period thud, one period's tag-off, one period's live. So the main thing I wanna see, I wanna see enthusiasm, I wanna see emotion, I wanna see guys fly around. We're going to make some mistakes, that's fine, but I wanna them play aggressive, fast, and confident. And when you do a live scrimmage like that, you have a chance to see. This (practice) is a more controlled environment. So when we go in that stadium, that's why we pick and choose the times that we go in there, when we go in that stadium it should be a special deal. And that's how I want to see them play." Top Stories