VU WBB: One-on-one with Jamine Lister

Jasmine Lister has been a fixture of the women's basketball team throughout her three years at Vanderbilt. Starting every game since she donned the black and gold, she led the SEC in minutes played this year with an average 36.5 minutes per game. Last week she took a few minutes to talk with VandyMania on transitioning into her senior season.

Could you talk about what it takes for a basketball player in general, and you in particularly, to go from the end of one season into the next one?

Definitely after the season ended, I gave my body a break playing as many minutes as I did, but I feel like I've been in the gym more than I have been in any other post-seasons just because I know it's my last one, and I want to give it everything I've got.

The things I've been working on? They've been things I've needed to work on since my freshman year. I've made small jumps, so now I'm working on making a larger jump and becoming more consistent at what I need to improve on, like my pullup jumper or changing speeds or creating a foul. I've been working on that, and on getting in better shape quicker. It's running on a consistent basis and lifting on a consistent basis.

On the social aspects it's getting to create better relationships with my younger teammates because I know a few of my older teammates that I've become close with are leaving, so it's like I need to establish new relationships with the freshmen, the rising sophomores and the freshmen that are coming in. That's really important, to gain their trust so I can relate to them and we can all become like a family as a team. So that's really important right now.

Then we go home in May. I know it's time to be at home and everything, but it's really important that I work out and run – give my body a break, but at the same time, know when to work out – and stay in shape.

Then we get back in June. Definitely, that's when we start grinding, that's when I start spending time with the freshmen and sophomores, and same thing with July. It's another month to prepare and then we come back in pre-season and have our fitness testing and everything.

It's a process that you build up, and you can't really take a break -- well, you CAN take a break but only if you don't want to be great. I'm willing to do what it takes, and I hope that everyone that is coming in and everyone that is returning are willing to do the same, too.

Since you're a senior, not only is it your last go-round it also puts more responsibility on you. Can you talk about that?

It's my last year and a lot of things are on my shoulders, but I feel like it's been a process over the last two years because I've been playing at the point guard position, which requires me to be somewhat of a leader. So I've been put in the position before, but now it's crunch time, time to actually put what I know into effect and actually do what I know about leadership skills with the team that I'm with and surrounded by every day.

This is the time when everything you've learned basketball-wise, personal-wise, and leadership-wise all comes together.

Yep. Exactly. It's starting to. It's great because the coaches are on the same page, everybody on the team is on the same page, so we're on our way.

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Jasmine Lister (left), with teammates Stephanie Holzer, Gabby Smith, and Tiffany Clarke at Black and Gold Banquet last week.

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