WSNR to get FM signal for VU broadcasts

For years Vanderbilt baseball and women's basketball have been given a backseat when it comes to game radio broadcasts. Fans of those sports were relegated to listening to a scratchy AM signals that were often difficult to even pick up. Meanwhile local football and men's basketball fans had the option to hear crystal clear broadcasts of their favorite sports via FM signals.

All that's about to change, however, thanks to more hard work by Vanderbilt vice chancellor and athletic director David Williams.

A 4-year agreement has been reached between Vanderbilt and WSNR to broadcast Vanderbilt football, men's and women's basketball and baseball games. You are probably thinking that WNSR isn't an FM station. Yes, that is correct but you see some stations are on both AM and FM radio waves and WNSR is about to add an FM station. This means their broadcasts will reach farther outside Davidson County and will be crystal clear to hear.

Vandy's Williams is excited about the agreement as are many Commodore fans.

"WNSR has been a good and steady partner for many years and its addition of an FM signal not only boosts both our women's basketball and baseball broadcast reach, but will also be a very valuable addition to our football and men's basketball broadcasts as a member of our network," said Williams.

WNSR is also going to have a football pregame show before Commodore games which is something that VU has been needing for years. They are going to be talking Vanderbilt football now 2 1/2 hours before game time which is an hour longer than what we previously had.

More good news. 1510 WLAC will continue to be the flagship station for Vanderbilt football and men's basketball. That means Vandy fans in places like Florida and Ontario will continue to be able to hear Commodore football and men's hoops games in the evening.

This is just more encouraging news for previously long suffering Vanderbilt fans.

See what a couple of bowl games can do?

You can hear the new FM WNSR station on 95.9 starting sometime this summer. Top Stories