Vandy Lance speaks after loss

The gold phone at world headquarters rang last night. I was astonished and honored to hear the great Vandy Lance on the other end. Lance had a few things he wanted to get off his chest and requested VandyMania's assistance. Look inside to read what Lance had to say.

Some of his fellow season ticket holders who sit by Vandy Lance were moved to the outfield for the Super Regional and this didn't sit well with the long time Vandy fanatic.

"We've all had a tough time dealing with this loss and dealing with the way the seating arrangements happened," said Smith. "I'm a little partial to the fans I've sat with all year long and I'm also lucky to have someone that I know that got me a capable seat. I think it's something Vandy ought to work on. I don't have the answers, I didn't go to Vanderbilt but I sure as hell root for them."

Smith then stressed the importance of showing thanks to this team and Coach Corbin.

"What we've got to most importantly do is thank this baseball team for setting an SEC record of going 26-3 and South Carolina was lucky that game was rained out," said Smith. "I realize it hurts. If you think it hurts anybody taking this message more than Coach Corbin and those players and those fans that were there on Valentines Day when it should have snowed, you're wrong."

"People have to understand, as you calm down for a moment, that we absolutely have the best coach that has ever laid foot on that campus... and by the way... Bear Bryant has stepped on that campus. This man has helped turn our whole entire athletic department and they come and go, I'm buying a ticket from a 25-year-old, I realize that, they come and go, but we know. If you know your Vanderbilt athletics what has happened since Tim Corbin has stepped on this campus. It's a disappointment not going to the College World Series? Do you remember when it was a disappointment not ever getting to make the SEC Tournament? That's right, you weren't there sitting with me and the parents then. You didn't care. I was there and know what this man has done. Two No. 1 recruiting classes and, hey ladies and gentlemen, don't be surprised if No. 3 ain't coming up."

Vandy Lance also seemed to feel like his team was just snake bit.

"Wouldn't it be nice if my favorite school, I can't call it my school because I didn't go there, but it's my favorite school, but wouldn't it be neat if they got a big ole break one time, just a bad call against the other team, and we win because of it. That hasn't happened in my lifetime and I'm 54. For as many tough calls that go against this school, I wouldn't be so heart broke with it if it would just happen to the other team every now and then. But we didn't lose because of umpiring, we lost because Louisville was better than us for two games. The NCAA shoved it in our face because we only 3,500 seats. They gave Louisville and their fan base prime seats."

Lastly, Smith commented on "spectators" at the game, as he said he saw a lot of folks there he normally didn't see at Vandy games.

"They're fans [discussing sidewalk fans], they're not spectators and I have nothing against spectators, I'm not cutting them down. I'm just saying for two hours just step out of character, when I tell you to 'stand up and let's go' don't look at me like I'm a complete idiot and you've never met me and never seen me."

NOTE: In August of 2010 Lance Smith was named by ESPN as one of college football's top 20 super fans from around the country.

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