Humphrey: Vandy definitely on his lst

PHILADELPHIA – Every July, there are players across the country who perform well at big events and see their stocks rise.

One of those players from the first Live Period this month who enhanced his reputation was class of 2014 big man Michael Humphrey of Sunnyslope (AZ).

The power forward/center turned in a quality performance at the Reebok Breakout Classic and was named to the camp all-star game. Not long before playing in it, he took the time to speak with about his showing, his recruitment, his game, and more.

"It's been great," Humphrey said of his time at the camp. "I think I got put on a really good team and we played well together, so we had some good chemistry and it was just a great experience and I'm really glad I came."

As for whether he noticed the way he was blowing up, Humphrey remarked, "Yeah, things have been going really well and I just think I was fortunate the team I got on was really solid. So that was great."

Humphrey also went on to speak about where things stand with recruiting for him.

"A lot of schools [have offered] and things have kind of really picked up over the past few days, but most of the major conferences I've talked to and gotten some offers from," Humphrey said. "So, that's pretty good."

The 6-foot-9, 205-pounder said that he does not have any favorites at this point in time. "Really nothing, all the schools I've been contacted by seem like great places," Humphrey said. "So I definitely need to start taking some harder looks at places, but they're all great schools."

Humphrey also spoke about just what it is that he is looking for in a school.

"I think obviously a great basketball program and highly competitive academics and a great place that I'd like to live for a while," Humphrey said. Asked whether location is a factor for him, Humphrey replied, "Not really, I'd go wherever." On the academic side, Humphrey said he has a 3.9 GPA, but does not know right now what he would like to major in.

Humphrey has not been on any official visits yet, but he has had the opportunity to take a few trips to local colleges.

"Just kind of in Arizona I went to a few," Humphrey said. "I've gone to Grand Canyon University. That's right by my house. And then Northern Arizona University is pretty close to my house as well."

The rising senior, who has no visits planned right now, discussed his timetable for a commitment.

"I'm really not sure yet," Humphrey said. "Hopefully pretty soon, maybe like—I also play football, so hopefully during football season I can get away and take a few visits and then maybe after those, make a commitment."

Humphrey talked about whether or not he plans to play both sports at the collegiate level. "No, just basketball," Humphrey said, "but football, it really helps out with kind of the footwork and just playing physical. So I enjoy it."

The Grand Canyon State prospect said that he is a quarterback on the gridiron and is being recruited by some schools to play football in college.

"A little bit," Humphrey said. "I just have been kind of straight up with coaches and told them that basketball is what I want to do."

As for Vanderbilt's recruitment of him as a basketball player, Humphrey said the Commodores are "definitely" on his list, but have yet to extend an offer.

"I don't believe so. I haven't talked to their [head] coach yet," Humphrey said, "but I think I'll talk to him soon. But that's definitely a school I'm interested in."

Humphrey spoke about just what it is about Vanderbilt that has him interested in the school. "Just great academics and obviously a very strong basketball program and a great place," Humphrey said. "So, [it is] just a great overall school." Asked if Vanderbilt is coming pretty hard after him, Humphrey responded, "I have talked to them a lot over the past few weeks. So, that's good." The three-star prospect went on to discuss just what he knows about Vanderbilt thus far.

"Kind of I guess a lot and a little," Humphrey began. "It's in a great conference, in a great place and obviously it has some good history. So, it just seems like a great school."

Humphrey said he will "do a little research" about Vanderbilt and assistant coach Yanni Hufnagel as the Commodore coach he has been in touch with. He spoke about his relationship with the newly hired coach.

"It's really good," Humphrey said. "I enjoy all of our conversations. So that's going great." Humphrey also discussed the type of basketball player he is, starting with what position he sees himself as.

"Kind of the stretch four, just play inside and out," Humphrey said, "but I'll play wherever really."

He also shared what he feels his primary strengths and weaknesses are as a player.

"I think the strongest part is that I can kind of do all things," Humphrey said. "I can play in the post, I play outside. And I just think I need to continue improving on everything really, offense, defense. Just, I feel like I can improve all areas of my game." Top Stories