Allen has good relationship with Vandy coach

PHILADELPHIA – Peyton Allen of Glenwood (IL) is a player in the class of 2014 who has a wide array of college interest.

PHILADELPHIA – Peyton Allen of Glenwood (IL) is a player in the class of 2014 who has a wide array of college interest.

While at The Showdown at Philadelphia University, Allen told that he holds offers from Oklahoma State, Iowa, Toledo, Bradley, Idaho State, and Southeast Missouri State.

Allen listed Michigan, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Arizona State, Oregon State, Southeastern Louisiana, and Mississippi State as other schools involved in his recruitment.

"Not really, it's still open," Allen said of whether he has any favorites. "This is my last time playing AAU. So, I'll probably visit a couple schools and make my decision mid-September-ish."

The 6-foot-4 shooting guard has had the opportunity to visit a few of the schools on his list.

"I've been to Iowa, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Michigan," Allen said. "Mostly all the schools that have offered me and are recruiting me heavy, I've been there."

Allen went on to say that none of those trips were of the official visit variety.

"All unofficials," Allen began, "I haven't planned any officials, maybe some officials coming after this AAU season."

The rising senior said that he has yet to plan any trips, but has been in touch with some schools about coming to campus.

"No, we've been thinking about it," Allen said, "like Iowa, Tennessee, Vandy, and Oklahoma State are kind of tossing around coming for a visit, but I haven't planned any yet."

As for who is recruiting him the hardest, Allen remarked, "Probably Oklahoma State, Iowa, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Michigan, schools like that."

Allen also went on to discuss what he is looking for in his future college.

"The coaching staff has to be great. All the schools I mentioned I have a great relationship with the coaches," Allen said. "And the way they play, got to be a shooter's school and stuff like that. I'll always play hard and give my best effort, but it's got to be a system that fits me and a school that fits me."

The Prairie State prospect went on to talk about whether or not location will be a factor for him.

"Not really, my parents will see me," Allen said. "I'm going high-major probably, so it will be on TV, and they don't really care, they want to let me go to the school that fits me the best and what I like."

Allen also spent some time talking about his thoughts on Vanderbilt.

"They're recruiting me pretty heavy," Allen said. "I talk to coach [Tom] Richardson and coach [Kevin] Stallings a lot. I like Vanderbilt a lot. They got a good system. Coach Stallings, he's a great coach and he's a legend, so Vanderbilt's really high on my list."

He went on to make it quite clear just what it is that he likes about the Vanderbilt style of play.

"Coach Richardson and coach Stallings always talk to me about how they recruit shooters and they get kids shots there," Allen said. "So, that fits my system well. I like to shoot it, I can shoot, I move off the ball good. So, that fits me well."

Allen spent some time talking his interactions with a couple members of the Vanderbilt coaching staff.

"I've talked to [Kevin Stallings] a couple times, but usually I talk to coach Richardson," Allen said. "We text two-three times a week, so it's very strong. I talk to him probably the most out of any college [coach]."

In addition to coach Richardson, Allen said that the other coach he probably speaks with the most is Kent Williams of Tennessee.

As for his relationship with coach Richardson, Allen remarked, "It's very good. He's a great guy. I've been down there, went to a visit, stayed over the night in a hotel, and [he] toured me around the campus and stuff, very nice. He's just real good guy. The coaching staff is key to me so I really like him."

Allen also talked a bit more about his aforementioned visit to the Vanderbilt campus.

"It was before the season. They were playing an NAIA school," Allen said. "So I watched their game, stayed the night and then they took me around campus and stuff the next day."

Finally, also shed some light on the type of player he is when he steps on the hardwood, starting with his primary fortes.

"Probably shooting the ball and how hard I play," Allen said. "I like to go out there and give it my all. So, I think that's what separates me from other players. I try to go as hard as I can all the time."

Of his main weakness, Allen said, "Probably going off the dribble right now, I got to get better at that. There's a lot of things I can get better at, just overall, everything can be worked on." Top Stories