When you play with an oblate spheroid, sometimes the apparent angle of reflection doesn't equal the angle of incidence.

LAST WEEK (0-0)-----OVERALL (0-0)

In an unusual turn of events, there are a few games on the opening week schedule which could be interesting. But first let's deal with the usual suspects:

Virginia Tech @ Alabama – The parts may change, but the machine keeps on rolling over opponents like a steamroller (or the Tide). Alabama 38 – Va. Tech 14

LA-Lafayette @ Arkansas – The Razorbacks had the look of a rudderless cruise ship last season. The first game won't tell us much, but may indicate if the Pigs are pointed in the right direction. Arkansas 27 – La-La 14

Washington State @ Auburn – Substitute War Eagle and Plainsmen for Razorbacks and Pigs above. Auburn 27 – Washington St. 14

Toledo @ Florida – Name the score time. Florida 42 – Toledo 14

Mississippi State vs. Oklahoma State (in Houston) – Not a good idea to start the season as a decided underdog, but you gotta play ‘em when they're scheduled. Ok. St. 24 – MSU 10

Murray State @Missouri – As long as James Franklin is healthy, Missouri can be at least considered to be a dark horse. Of course, against Murray State, there's no reason to think he will play more than a half. Missouri 35 – Murray 10

North Carolina @ South Carolina (Thursday) – I don't know if SEC or ACC refs will be used. If ACC, I'd say a 23% chance Clowney gets tagged with targeting. If SEC refs, 0.25% chance. South Carolina 31 – North Carolina 13

Austin Peay @ UTK – UTK will try as hard as possible to run up the score to prove it's a new world for the big orange. Against APSU, this strategy will probably work. UTK 45 – Peay 17

Rice @ Texas A&M – A&M may "voluntarily" withhold the services of Johnny Manziel for the first two cupcakes, but rest assured, unless the NCAA makes a ruling (extremely unlikely), he will be in there for the Alabama game. It makes no difference in this game. A&M 45 – Rice 0

Western Kentucky vs. University of Kentucky (in Nashville) – Lucky football fans in Nashville have an opportunity to see three SEC teams in action this weekend. The clash of Kentuckys will seem somewhat anticlimactic on Saturday after the epic struggle on Thursday at Dudley field between VU and Mississippi. It should be an entertaining game, with another SEC have-not trying to put up a good front. Not many one-and-dones here. UK 13 – WKU 10

LSU @ TCU (in Arlington, TX) – I don't know much about the Horned Frogs, but they are only a 4.5 point favorite. Since it's not at LSU, and vs. the SEC's worst coach, I like the upset here. TCU 21 – LSU 20 (as Les Miles screws up the new end-of-game timing rules and fails to get off the winning FG.)

Georgia @ Clemson – No help for the Dogs at Clemson. No help from SEC refs either. Clemson 24 – UGA 20

Mississippi @ Vanderbilt – Easily the most interesting game of the week (at least for me). Bottom line, Vandy's building project is a year ahead of the Black Bear's. Mississippi will play too many inexperienced players to overcome their mistakes. Mississippi is closing in fast, but not this year. Vandy 31 – Mississippi 24. Top Stories