Vandy-Ole Miss as it happened

It's wasn't the finish that Commodore players or their fans wanted. Despite a disappointing result, Vanderbilt fans could leave the stadium knowing they had seen what will likely be one of the most exciting games of the 2013 college football season. Favored Ole Miss (1-0) survived Vanderbilt (0-1) 39-35 on Thursday night.


15:00 The long awaited time has come. Vanderbilt and Ole Miss are about to kick off the first between Southeastern Conference teams of the 2013 season.

13:23 Carta-Samuels drills a pass to Matthews for a first down on third-and-3.

12:04 On his second third down attempt, Carta-Samuels pass is intercepted at the Vandy 30. The Ole Miss player won a battle for the ball against Vandy's Kris Kentera.

10:43 First big third down situation of the season at the VU 16. Andre Hal forces the Rebel receiver out of bounds well short of the first down marker.

10:22 31-yard Andrew Ritter field goal is good. 3-0 Rebs.

10:17 Brian Kimbrow goes down like a rag doll on his first carry. On the next play Kimbrow drops an easy reception.

9:28 Taylor Hudson makes the first punt of his VU career. His shank goes 16 yards to the VU 42 yard line.

8:26 Ole Miss at VU 34 on third and 4. Reception gives Rebs first down at Vandy 26.

7:44 Ole Miss reception to VU 14.

6:59 Jeff Scott runs out of bounds at VU 6-inch line. First down Ole Miss.

6:04 Touchdown Ole Miss. Barry Brunetti 1-yard run. Extra point makes it 10-0 Ole Miss.

4:46 Another key third down situation (3rd and 3). Pass incomplete to Kentera.

4:28 Hudson's second punt goes 52 yards. Ole Miss finally starts a drive in their own territory.

3:42 Wallace goes down for a sack at the Ole Miss 21! Barron Dixon and Darreon Herring get it done!

1:48 Third and 6 at VU 33. Jonathan Krause makes a nice 8-yard catch for the first.

0:00 Vanderbilt trails 10-0 at the end of the first. Seems a lot like 2012's game in Oxford.


14:52 Carta-Samuels opens the first quarter with a 28-yard reception to Matthews and Vandy is in Ole MIss territory for the first time tonight.

14:01 Matthews nabs another reception to the Ole Miss 17.

13:26 Krause catches at the Rebel 10.

13:00 Tate runs for a first down at the Ole Miss 7.

11:47 Touchdown on Wesley Tate 3-yard dive! 10-7 Ole Miss. Carta-Samuels 5-for-5 for 59 yards on the drive. What a turnaround!

11:10 Wallace sacked on third and 10 at VU 21! It's Kyle Woestmann and Caleb Azubike this time.

10:18 Carta-Samuels catch and run to Matthews goes for an amazing 55-yard touchdown! 14-10 Vanderbilt Commodores!

9:40 Ole Miss faces a third and 6 situation and Jeff Scott makes it to the first down marker at OM 25.

8:35 Wallace strike to Ingram puts the Rebs in Vandy territory.

7:31 Wallace goes DOWN on third and 9! Stephen Weatherly gets the sack this time around.

6:20 Krause's long catch gets Vandy back in Rebel territory. Backup hell.

5:33 Kimbrow runs runs up the middle for eight yards. Face mask penalty puts it at Ole Miss 11.

4:06 Carta-Samuels runs up the middle for a first down at the Ole Miss 3.

3:27 Jeron Seymour 3-yard (that seemed like 12 yards) run makes it 21-10 good guys.

2:50 Woestmann sack makes it third and long for Rebs with 2:30 to go in the half. Rebs forced to punt with 1:19 to go before the break.

1:13 Ole Miss fake punt gets them a first down at Ole Miss' 45.

0:06 Ole Miss 55-yard field goal attempt is wide right!

Vanderbilt 21, Ole Miss 10 at the half. Half time sack tally: Vanderbilt 4, Ole Miss zilch.


00:00 Ole Miss gets kickoff to start the second half.

14:10 Wallace finds Moncrief for a long gain into Vandy territory at 23.

13:02 Penalty and incomplete pass gives the Rebs a 3rd and 13 at VU 28. Woestmann, going for his third sack, forces Wallace to throw the ball away.

12:54 44-yard field goal attempt by Ritter misses!

12:11 Vanderbilt a little sloppy in first drive of second half. Forced to punt on 4th and 10. Matthews leaves field with a cramp after first down.

11:14 Wallace making the plays and Ole Miss is back deep in Vandy territory at the 11.

10:25 Brunetti runs up the middle for another Ole Miss TD. 21-17, Vanderbilt leading.

9:12 Vanderbilt's Kimbrow fumbles but the ball is recovered for a first down by lineman Andrew Bridges.

7:57 Jerron Seymour runs to the Ole Miss 32, 35-yard gain!

6:35 Krause catch to Ole Miss 15!

5:34 Kimbrow runs to the Ole Miss three off a direct snap.

4:31 Wesley Tate scores on a 3-yard run! His second score of the night. It's 28-17 VANDERBILT!

4:19 Andre Hal makes a great play to break up a pass but SEC officials strike again. Pass interference on VU. Ole Miss at Vandy 45.

2:10 Ole Miss faced with fourth and 1 at VU 28. Wallace safely slides for a 2-yard gain.

1:21 Wallace fires a pass for a first down to Vandy's 10. Commodores need to make a stand here.

0:27 Wallace runs it in for a 3-yard score. 2-point conversion pass to Laquon Treadwell cuts Vandy lead to 28-25.

0:23 Kimbrow knocked out 10-yard line returning kickoff from end zone. Walked off the field with some assistance.


14:47 After another no-call on Ole Miss interference of Matthews, Carta-Samuels barrels for a first down.

13:18 Steven Scheu makes a nice catch on the sideline and gets Vandy in a third and 1 situation. On the next play Tate is stuffed for a 1-yard loss to make a fourth and 2 situation.

11:05 Ole Miss started drive on own 18 and is rapidly moving down the field. Commodores need a big play.

10:30 Bo Wallace runs up middle to VU 33.

9:56 Jeff Scott runs to VU 3.

9:05 Wallace runs it in from 1 yard to put the Rebels up 32-28 after the extra point. Unreal how easily Wallace is running the ball for chunks of yardage.

8:00 Carta-Samuels completes 14-yard strike to Matthews for critical first down.

7:24 On third and 15 Vandy gets completion for first down but hold penalty puts 'Dores back 10 more. Then, on third and 25, Carta-Samuels pass is nearly intercepted and VU is assessed with another penalty for illegal forward pass.

4:24 Vanderbilt's Darreon Herring barely misses an interception. Ole Miss forced to punt. Commodore will have another chance.

3:36 Carta-Samuels passes for a first down to Matthews at the VU 30. Matthews hit hard and sick on the play.

2:09 Time running out for VU. Faced with a fourth and 18, Commodores going for it despite two timeouts left.

1:59 Amazingly, Carta-Samuels connects with Matthews for a 42-yard reception to OM 34. 'Dores aren't done yet!

1:30 Carta-Samuels finds Scheu for 34-yard TD reception. Vanderbilt back in the lead 35-32!

1:07 Ole Miss' Scott runs 75-yards to give the Rebels back the lead, 39-35. He blew through four players near the sidelines who didn't appear to be giving full effort. Unbelievable but things like that can happen in the heat and humidity.

0:59 Darrius Sims returns the kickoff to about the 35 but a 15-yard penalty is added on. Commodore ball at own 48.

0:26 Jordan Matthews tips a reception that is intercepted by Ole Miss. Rebs will now go into the victory formation. Too bad for Matthews and his teammates who have fought back so many times only to suffer the despair of a loss. Franklin will get them back in gear.

A tough way to go down. Carta-Samuels has a solid arm and is a competitor and will do well for the Commodores. He went 21 for 36 for 300 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. At least one of those picks weren't his fault, possibly both.

FINAL: Ole Miss 39, Vanderbilt 35

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