Steve Spurrier talks Vanderbilt

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier discussed Vanderbilt on Tuesday. Look inside to read what the Ole ball coach had to say.

Opening comments:

"Vanderbilt's a good team. James Franklin and his staff really do a good job. Their players are well disciplined. They don't make a lot of mistakes in coverages. They're where they are supposed to be all the time and that's one big reason why they've won so many games the past couple years. They won nine last year and of course they played us down the wire at Nashville in the opening game. We were very fortunate to get our of there with a 17-13 win."

"They're coming in here looking to beat, I read they hadn't beat us, Georgia or Florida yet and they think this is the the year that are going to beat some of the top three teams in the east. Hopefully it's not this week. They are a good team and we gotta play well. Obviously we have to play better than the last time out to have a chance to beat Vandy but hopefully we will... Our fans need to come with a screaming and yelling attitude, we're 1-1. There'a whole bunch of teams that have lost a game. It's early in the year and hopefully we have learned a lot from our last game to correct some flaws that we have on our team."

Question: What is it about Vanderbilt? They are just sort of that pesky little brother. You usually beat them...

SS: "We always struggle, yeah, we were in there watching Vanderbilt tape. Their defense is very similar year in and year out and you wonder 'why can't you guys figure it out and move the ball against them" but we don't ever seem to be able to move it very far. I think we beat them at home here three years ago, 14-10 or something like that. We hit two long passes and they ran a kickoff back that night, they didn't have much offense either. I guess that was four years ago. Two years ago they didn't have hardly any offense and we didn't have much either. But they are very good on defense because they don't make mistakes and they are well disciplined and they play with a lot of effort. I give them credit, they are a well coached team and offensively they have Jordan Matthews the receiver. He's one of the best in the country. Looks a little bit of like Sidney Rice out there catching passes." Top Stories