The real danger lies not in aiming too high and falling short, but in aiming too low and hitting the mark.—Michelangelo

LAST WEEK (12-0)-----OVERALL (22-3)

This is a great week for Vandy to be playing away from home. I can sit in front of the television all day and see some really good and interesting games. In addition, thanks to Yahoo and Sports Illustrated, the Vandy off-field problems are no longer front-page news.

Southern Mississippi @ Arkansas – The Golden Eagles used to strike fear in the hearts of struggling SEC teams, but no more. Pigs 28 – Southern Miss 14

Kent State @ LSU – What would college football be without a cupcake somewhere on the schedule? LSU 49 – Kent State 7

Mississippi State @ Auburn – Neither team has played a worthy opponent yet, so there is no read on their relative strengths. I'll just go with the odds-makers on this one. Auburn 24 – MSU 17

Louisville @ Kentucky – Louisville is not all that good, but the big blue is worse. Cardinals 27 – Mildcats 10

Mississippi @ Texas – If the Bears can remain injury-free they will continue to look like world-beaters, especially against teams who aren't used to their pace. Mississippi 27 – Texas 24

Tennessee @ Oregon – UTK gets a dose of the real world, after being in a fool's paradise for the first two weeks. Ducks 42 – Vols 17

Alabama @ Texas A&M – The Tide doesn't seem to be any better than they were last year. A&M doesn't seem to be any worse than they were last year. Last year was in Tuscaloosa, this year the game is in College Station. I can't see any reason to expect different results. Aggies 29 – Tide 24

Vanderbilt @ South Carolina - 1-Vanderbilt does a poor job of defending against the read option. 2-South Carolina runs the read option really well. Combine these two facts with the MIA Vandy rushing game and you get al long evening for the Commodores. Gamecocks 35 – Vandy 17 Top Stories