Vanderbilt-South Carolina As it happened

Vanderbilt lost its second conference game of the season on Saturday night but nearly pulled off a furious rally. Look inside for commentary on Vanderbilt-South Carolina as it happened.


14:40 Austyn Carta-Samuels completes his first pass attempt, short one to Matthews.

14:14 Vandy faces a third and 5, and Carta-Samuels gets sacked for a big loss.

13:27 Short, line drive punt gets 'Cocks great field position (VU 42) for first drive.

13:20 Connor Shaw runs for 9 yards on first play.

11:45 Davis runs to the Vandy 12.

10:50 Shaw pass to Jones for TD. 7-0 USC.

10:45 Good kickoff return to about the 30.

10:38 Seymour has a good run for five or 6.

9:20 Vandy's second drive manages a first down but is ultimately forced to punt.

8:41 viscous hit by Darrius Sims on kickoff returner.

7:12 Gamecocks on the move and near their own 40.

6:40 Nice play by Andre Hal to break up a long pass attempt.

6:28 Long catch and run deep into Vandy territory (25-yard line).

6:02 Shaw gets hit while throwing and still get a completion for a first.

4:43 Davis gets his second TD of the quarter. 14-0 'Cocks.

4:38 Sims returns another kickoff out of the end zone.

3:42 Vandy faces fourth and a foot situation. 3 and out. Will punt.

2:22 USC using their backup QB already.

1:47 South Carolina in Vandy territory at 33.

0:32 Backup QB Thompson runs it in for six more USC points. 21-0 in first quarter.

0:23 Sims has another solid KO return, 34 yards.

0:14 Kimbrow playing wildcat now.

0:00 End of first quarter. Hopefully things will improve.

South Carolina 21, Vanderbilt 0


14:34 Vandy gets a first down on catch and run from Carta-Samuels to Matthews.

13:35 VU forced to punt yet again. Punt goes out inside 10.

11:20 USC deep in Vandy territory again. VU can't stop them right now.

10:45 Walker May tackles forces a third and 7 situation. No problem. 26-yard TD pass by Shaw. 28-0 USC.

9:30 Seymour running wildcat now. He gets about 8.

9:02 Carta-Samuels holding on to ball forever and get sacked for huge loss. Vandy forced to punt when he runs on third and 12.

7:33 Not smart personal foul call after punt return.

4:04 USC QB catches his own pass. I've seen it all.

3:41 Steven Clarke returns an interception to the USC 1. 69-yard return.

3:38 Seymour, running the wildcat, scores a TD for VU easily up the middle. 28-7 USC.

2:28 Darreon Herring knocks down a Gamecock and a game official!

0:39 Barron Dixon runs down Shaw and forces third down situation. After incompletions USC will punt.

0:22 Matthews snares a catch for 30 yards.

0:11 Carta-Samuels to Matthews again.

0:05 Carey Spear will try a 54-yard field goal. Makes it!! 28-10 at the half!


14:57 Vanderbilt's Spear booms the KO out of the USC end zone.

13:53 Shaw has USC moving down the field again.

12:16 Carolina down around the VU 30 facing a fourth and 1. Gets it.

10:28 Holding on USC pushes them back to the 33.

10:22 33-yard pass by Shaw after the penalty makes it 35-10 South Carolina. Not good.

10:07 Carta-Samuels completes a strike to Matthews over the middle to the USC 48.

9:37 Seymour in the wildcat runs to the 28 of USC.

8:30 Carta-Samuels completes a 5 yard pass to Seymour but forces fourth down.

7:49 Kris Kentera catches a pass for a first.

7:20 Carta-Samuels fumbles on a sack. USC ball.

5:00 Vandy forces another fourth down situation for USC. They will punt.

4:10 Wesley Tate runs the wildcat and gets to the USC 31.

2:21 Vandy is at about the USC 17 facing a third and 8.

1:44 Carta-Samuels runs to the USC 10.

1:01 Tate runs out of the wildcat for the first down.

00:00 That ends the third quarter with VU inside the USC 10 and facing a second down. 35-10 USC.


14:51 Tate runs the wildcat and gets to the 1.

14:12 Carta-Samuels runs it in for the TD. 35-17 USC.

14:07 USC fumbles on the kickoff. VU ball at the USC 19. Larry Franklin forced the fumble. Reviewed and confirmed fumble.

13:59 Carta-Samuels pass to Tate complete for a TOUCHDOWN! VU goes for two and makes it on a pass to Steven Scheu! 35-25 USC!

13:47 Shaw gets big gain on first play of ensuing USC drive.

12:04 USC forced to punt on fourth and 5.

11:22 Three and out on Vandy's possession but South Carolina muffs the punt and VU recovers.

11:03 Tate barrels for a first down.

10:15 Tate plows his way to the 10. First and goal VANDERBILT!

9:17 Seymour to the 7.

8:74 Carta-Samuels throws an interception at the USC 1. Poor decision there cost the 'Dores a score.

8:13 USC gets a first down after starting from the from the 8 inch line.

6:06 USC cranking out first downs and eating up the clock.

4:06 Shaw gets a first down on fourth and 1.

2:35 USC faces with a third and 2. A first here and there's probably little hope of pulling out a victory for VU. USC gets the first and that'll likely do it.

1:37 USC faces a fourth and 2 and clock is running. Kenny Ladler nails the runner for a couple yard loss. Vandy will get one more shot but needs to score quickly to have time for an onside kick.

0:00 Time runs out on Vandy. Carta-Samuels gets a couple of completions to Matthews but time runs down.

Commodores battled back yet again and almost pulled it out. In the end it's just another loss but at least the team has fight in them. Vandy is one good first quarter performance away from beating a really good team. Next week the Commodores (1-2, 0-2 SEC) will travel to Boston to face UMass. The Minutemen are 0-3 with losses to Wisconsin, Maine and most recently, Kansas State. That game will start at 11 am Central time.