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LAST WEEK (7-1)-----OVERALL (29-4)

After a great week of college football last week in the South, this week is a good time to put those orange vests to good use hunting, fishing, or picking up trash on the side of the interstate. The SEC has a singularly uninteresting week. The only mildly interesting games are Arkansas-Rutgers and Missouri-Indiana, games which have no national or conference implications. With the exception of these two games, the betting line is 36.5, 36, 13, 28.5, 14, 15.5, and 36. Yawn.

Colorado State @ Alabama – Even the natural letdown after a huge, emotional game won't save the Rams from the Tide. ‘Bama 52 – Colorado State 13

Rutgers @ Arkansas – At this writing, I don't know if the Arkansas QB will play. I figure Arkansas even without a QB is better than an AAC team with one. Pigs 17 – Knights 14

North Texas @ Georgia – Georgia 52 – North Texas 13

Troy @ Mississippi State – Mississippi State is reeling. This would be a good time for Troy to pull the upset, but these are not the Trojans of yore. Or maybe they are. Remember what happened to Ancient Troy? MSU 24 – Troy 10

Missouri @ Indiana – This is the most interesting game on the SEC slate. Neither team has been tested. Indiana's showing against Navy (41-35) is scarier for them than Mizzou's showing against Toledo (38-23). Tigers 35 – Indiana 23

SMU @ Texas A&M – The old SWAC teams meet. SMU, after the death penalty, is presumably no longer illegally paying their players. Not sure about A&M, but the result is not in doubt. Aggies 52 – Ponies 13

Auburn @ LSU – A night game in LSU used to spell certain defeat for the opponent. It hasn't always been the case lately, but as far as the Plainsmen are concerned….. LSU 35 Auburn 17

Tennessee @ Florida – Troubles multiply for the big orange. And now they have quarterback controversy. Florida hasn't looked all that impressive, but UTK has looked pretty bad. Gators 35 – Volunteers 20

Vanderbilt @ UMass – Time for the Commodores to start working out the kinks in their game planning. Like how to start the game with the opening kickoff, instead of waiting a few quarters to show up. Commodores 52 – Minutemen 13 Top Stories