Vanderbilt-UMass As it happened

Vanderbilt improved its record to 2-2 with a lackluster 24-7 road victory over UMass on Saturday. Look inside for in-game commentary.


14:56 Good six yard gain on first down by Tate.

13:41 Austyn Carta-Samuels lofts a pass to Krause that is intercepted.

13:34 No pressure on UMass QB at all. He completes a 6-yard pass.

13:13 Darreon Herring's interception negated by offsetting penalties.

12:00 UMass QB A.J. Doyle passes for a first down.

11:48 Adam Butler recovers UMass fumble.

10:22 Jonathan Krause catches short pass just shy of first down at UMass 36.

9:49 Vanderbilt goes for it on fourth-and 1 and UMass holds. Ball goes over on downs. Vandy challenges spot of ball. Spot stands.

9:43 UMass runs for 12 yards on first down. Wake up Vandy!

9:18 UMass passes 50-yard-line into Vandy territory on pass.

8:54 Doyle throws for another first.

8:29 Finally a tackle for a loss by VU D.

7:46 Herring makes another apparent interception. Will be reviewed. Ball ended up on the UM receiver's back and Herring grabbed it and took off. Big Ten review crew in the booth, SEC officiating crew on the field. Ruled incomplete.

7:40 UMass forced to punt. Vandy ball at VU 19.

7:30 Jordan Matthews catches for a first down.

5:46 Matthews runs for eight on end around.

5:04 Krause makes 10-yard reception.

4:54 Krause makes a 42-yard TD reception. First TD reception of Krause's career, I believe. It's the first Vandy touchdown in the first quarter this season.

00:00 First quarter ends with UMass on Vandy's 12-yard line. Commodores need to get with it.

Vanderbilt 7, UMass 0


14:29 Pass interference by Javon Marshall. Ball put at VU 2. Alabama does the same thing all the time and it's never called.

13:45 UMass losses 2 yards on first down.

13:11 UMass' Doyle fires a short pass to Tajae Sharpe for a TD score. Score tied at 7.

13:00 Long kickoff return by Darrius Sims to Vandy 42.

12:10 Matthews catches 11-yard pass for a first.

10:56 Matthews catches for another first. 10:20 Jerron Seymour runs for 9.

10:07 Seymour runs to 14-yard line.

9:00 Carta-Samuels fumbles deep in UMass territory. His second turnover of the first half. Fumbling at your opponent's 10-yard line is a good way to snuff out wins. Gotta get something there.

7:00 Vandy defense forces UMass to punt.

6:35 Krause makes yet another catch, this one for 17 yards.

5:26 Vandy at UMass 24.

3:55 Carey Spear to attempt FG but illegal substitution on UMass makes it fourth and 1. VU will go for it. Seymour easily gets first on 3-yard run.

3:14 Two runs in a row for zilch for Vandy. Carta-Samuels gets nothing on third down run.

2:05 Carey Spear makes 32-yard field goal. Vandy now leads 10-7. Not feeling good about this. Vandy is a TD away from trailing these guys.

0:27 UMass is in Vandy territory. 'Dores just miss an interception by Herring.

0:06 UMass facing a fourth down at VU 43. Stephen Weatherly called for horse collar. First down UMass. 45-yard attempt missed.

Halftime: Vanderbilt 10, Massachusetts 7.


14:17 Vandy forces a UMass punt on first series of half. Krause has a solid 18-yard return. Let's drive it down the field guys!

12:03 Krause has a 6-yard reception for a first down.

11:32 Carta-Samuels forced to throw it away twice in a row. Vandy will punt.

11:17 Taylor Hudson punt goes out at UMass 3-yard line. 52-yard punt.

10:09 UMass' QB, Doyle, is hurt on a play while running the ball.

9:28 Backup UMass QB Mike Wegzyn passes for first down on third and 5 at 25.

8:33 UMass pushing it up the field with the backup QB who happens to be from Knoxville.

7:09 UMass going for it on fourth and 1 near midfield. Backup running back gets 5 yards.

6:09 Wegzyn has UMass at VU 35.

4:55 Fumbled snaps put ball at VU 39. Third and 16.

4:39 Offsetting penalties negate a big sack on third down. Weatherly again.

4:17 UMass will punt on fourth down at VU 39.

4:00 Matthews with another catch, for 8 yards.

3:30 Wesley Tate runs the wildcat and gets nothing. He gets the first on the next play.

2:21 Tate barrels for a 10-yard gain. Playing a little angry now, which is good.

1:53 Long gain on double flea flicker called back. Matthews caught it on the 10 from Carta but called back for six men on line of scrimmage call.

00:00 Quarter comes to an end with VU still clinging to a 10-7 lead but driving.


14:53 Tate runs for a first down at UMass 27.

14:22 Carta-Samuels catches a pass from Tate and runs for 21 yards. Flea flickers and passes to the QB; we are pulling out all our arsenal of tricks to salvage this game.

13:44 Carta-Samuels barely gets rid of pass but Jordan Matthews catches and runs for TD. Amazing play. 17-7 now, some breathing room. Matthews vaulted over a UMass defender to get into the end zone.

12:30 Poor spot by SEC officials gives UMass a first down.

11:44 UMass punts to VU. Block in the back on fair catch puts ball at VU 12.

11:35 Scheu gets a catch for a 3-yard gain.

9:55 Krause snares another, a 25-yarder.

9:00 Matthews catches at UMass 43.

8:16 Vandy going for it on fourth and 1. Seymour runs for first.

7:16 Matthews diving catch at UMass 21.

6:02 Seymour makes a great catch at the UMass 8 for a first down Vanderbilt!

5:30 Seymour runs to the UMass 1. Play reviewed to see if he got it. Looked like he might have. Ruling confirmed.

4:41 Seymour 1-yard run for a Vanderbilt TOUCHDOWN!! 24-7 Vanderbilt.

2:45 Carta-Samuels overthrows a bomb to Krause.

1:27 Tate catches a pass and runs to the UMass 27.

00:00 Vandy lets clock run out deep in UMass territory. ‘Dores win. Not the prettiest victory we've ever seen but we've certainly seen some stinkers worse than this. In the end the team beat an FBS opponent on the road while playing uninspired ball against an opponent that was fired up and energetic. Last week Stanford No. 5 Stanford won by a mere two touchdowns while visiting a pitiful Army team. This sort of thing happens. It's not the whole team either. You only need a couple guys out of the 11 on the field to slack off in order to give these underdogs a chance. That said, there is a lot of work to be done by this Vanderbilt football team if they want to go to a third consecutive bowl.

FINAL: Vanderbilt 24, UMass 7 Top Stories