Status of Brian Kimbrow uncertain

Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin commented on recent tweets by running back Brian Kimbrow who used twitter to communicate his desire to leave Vandy. Later Kimbrow apologized for his tweets.

Brian Kimbrow, a former 4-star recruit, used twitter to communicate his anger at not playing in the Commodores 24-7 victory over UMass on Saturday.

"You risk It all family,friends,coaches to give ppl a chance then the nxt two years of ur life u get [expletive]." (tweet since deleted)

"Make sure ur careful with every decision u make and listen sometime cause ull hate for ppl to say I told you so n lef with regrets!!!"

"Have to find a home.... A better place for me!!!!!!!"

Later Kimbrow apologized via twitter for his earlier social network comments.

"To the fans and people who look up to me I would like to apologize for my earlier tweets it won't happen again #ANCHORDOWN"

On Monday head coach James Franklin spoke about Kimbrow but refused to say whether Kimbrow had practiced with the team or what his status was with the team.

"I read every tweet that any player sends out. As you guys know I'm not going to get a lot into the family business but I will tell you this. We are in the business of developing young men. We got a bunch of guys from 17-22 years old. I got my undergraduate degree in Pychology for a reason. This was all well thought out, from the time I was 17-years-old I've been thinking about this. That's part of development. It will be addressed like a lot of things are addressed but what's important to me is not just what's going on with our football team but these guys development so they can be positive parts of society."

Franklin has had the difficult job of juggling playing time for three running backs who each have solid skill sets. Wesley Tate is a banger but not the fastest player in the world. Jerron Seymour is elusive but not a banger. Kimbrow is a breakaway threat every time he touches the ball but probably more suitable for running around opponent's flank than between tackles. None of the three has played well enough to be named a true regular starter.

"Somebody needs to stand up and take the job." said Franklin.

In three games this season Kimbrow had run for 94 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries. Top Stories