VU WBB: Hoops Crew Picnic 2013

On Sunday afternoon the NCC Hoops Crew, the booster club for women's basketball, hosted their annual picnic for the women's basketball team and fans. After the picnic, the team and fans were treated to a screening of Granny's Got Game, a documentary by former Dore Angela Gorsica Alford. Whitney D. shares these photos from the afternoon.

Picnic = "food", right? So the first order of business is eating the BBQ catered by Jim 'N Nick's B-B-Q.

The picnic is open seating, which gives fans a chance to mingle with the playerson the team. Redshirt sophomore post Kristen Gaffney visits with some fans.

The team's freshmen, guard Kylee Smith, and post Marqu'es Webb provided some impromptu entertainment.

If the team's together, photos are inevitable. Front row is all guards: Sophomore Morgan Batey, senior Jasmine Lister, senior Christina Foggie, freshman Rebekah Dahlman, and sophomore Jasmine Jenkins.

Middle row: Freshman guard Kylee Smith, redshirt sophomore post Kristen Gaffney, sophomore post Raye'a Long, junior guard Kady Schrann.

Back row: Freshman post Marqu'es Webb, sophomore post Kendall Shaw, sophomore post Heather Bowe.

Just as inevitable, gotta check out the photo . . .

. . . and set up a funny photo. (Click image to view a larger version.)

The team's upperclassmen: Senior guard Christina Foggie, senior guard Jasmine Lister, junior guard Kady Schrann

The freshmen: Guard Kylee Smith, guard Rebekah Dahlman, post Marqu'es Webb

Freshmen Take 2: Kylee Smith, Rebekah Dahlman, Marqu'es Webb

Sophomores: Jasmine Jenkins and Kendall Shaw, Morgan Batey and Kristen Gaffney, Heather Bowe and Rayte'a Long

Marqu'es Webb and Rebekah Dahlman with young fan

After the picnic, everybody walked over to Sarratt Cinema in the student center to view Angela Gorsica Alford's film, Granny's Got Game a documentary that follows a senior women's team in their quest for a return to the national championship.

After the screening Angela, a '97 women's basketball alum who's still in the Vanderbilt record books, talked to the fans and to the players about her experiences post-Vanderbilt and in creating the documentary.

The Fabulous Seventies, the women on the senior team, all were in high school before Title IX, back when players were limited to two bounces of the ball on a dribble, when games were played six-on-six, and every player played either defense as a guard or offense as a forward, but not both, and college scholarships for girls to play basketball didn't exist. In short, it was a very different world than the world in which our players play today.

Angela and the team

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