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LAST WEEK (8-0)-----OVERALL (45-5)

Finally we can dispense with most of the sugar-laden lightweight confections and play some football. All except Alabama and Texas A&M are playing conference games. It should be a grand afternoon of good ‘ol Southern fried football.

Georgia State @ Alabama – I believe Alabama could literally name any offensive output between 0 and 100 (except 1, and they would have little control over 2, 4, and 5.) Expect the dogs of war to be called off by the second half, and mercy will prevail. Tide 68 – Panthers 3

Arkansas @ Florida – The Gators will spend most of their time fine-tuning the game plan for their new quarterback. Florida 27 – Arkansas 13

Mississippi @ Auburn – Interesting, interesting game. Will Mississippi be able to shake off the crushing (humiliating?) defeat by Alabama and handle Auburn? One thing for sure, there won't be much twitter trash-talking from the Bears for a while. Mississippi 31 – Auburn 21

LSU @ Mississippi State – LSU must take care of business to stay in the hunt for the SEC title. The bandwagon-jumpers (up to last week) are now off, but MSU will provide no challenge to the Bengals. LSU 35 – Cowbells 14

Kentucky @ South Carolina – The Mildcats are just going to have to take their licks this year. The good news is that they will be able to offer SEC recruits immediate playing time if they sign with the Blue. Gamecocks 29 – Kentucky 10

Georgia @ Tennessee – The only thing the smoky gray uniforms will do for the Vols is disguise the scorch marks as they get burned by the Bulldogs. UTK's main concern will be keeping Justin Worley healthy. Georgia 44 – Orange 13

Missouri @ Vanderbilt – Vandy is showing signs of shaking off the ennui that enveloped them after their off-season, off-field problems and their devastating last-second loss to Mississippi. Mizzou, however is a total mystery, having pounded such powerhouses as Murray State, Toledo, Indiana, and Arkansas State. But, unlike VU, they appeared competent and impressive against their cupcakes. Injuries to Vandy's men in the trenches, and linebacking corps, spell doom for the Black and Gold. Tigers 28 – Vandy 24 Top Stories