If you can keep you head when all about you are losing theirs, you probably haven't grasped the seriousness of the situation.

LAST WEEK (6-1)-----OVERALL (51-6)

A couple of weak teams sneak back onto the schedule, but otherwise another SEC vs. SEC week, although only there's only one really interesting game on the slate.

Western Carolina @ Auburn – Cupcake #1: Auburn 42- Catamounts 10

Bowling Green @ Mississippi State – Cupcake #2: MSU 42 – Bowling Green 13

South Carolina @ Arkansas – Send in the Clown(y). Will he or won't he, and if he does, will he care? This is better that Barnum and Bailey's favorite (a great march tune, BTW). Gamecocks 28 – Pigs 20

Florida @ LSU – The Gator's former backup quarterback may be good, but he's not THAT good. LSU 31 – Gators 21

Alabama @ Kentucky – What's this? The Mildcats showing some signs of life? Not this week. Alabama hasn't been crushing anyone. They make me think of the classic immovable object. One thing's for sure, Kentucky is no irresistible force. Alabama 35 – Mildcats 21

Missouri @ Georgia – If I were a Georgia fan, I would be terrified of this game. The Dawg's receiving corps was decimated in last week's epic struggle against UTK, and their running game has already taken a big hit. The less said about the defense, the better. Due to the injuries, I think Mizzou's got a real chance in this game, and they know it. Home crowd and quality backups will allow Georgia to prevail. UGA 34 – Tigers 31

Texas A&M @ Mississippi – Mississippi is reeling. First a shutout against Alabama, followed by an unexpected loss against Auburn. I expect another smack in the face from A&M. Aggies 34 – Mississippi 23 Top Stories