Vanderbilt-Georgia As it Happened

The Commodores picked up a big conference win today in rallying past Georgia, 31-27. Look inside for in-game commentary during another exciting Vandy victory.


Vanderbilt forced to punt on first possession.

14:24 Commodores called for "kick catch" interference on first punt.

13:55 Georgia gets a quick first down on first Aaron Murray pass. Karl Butler makes a tackles for a loss on next play.

12:51 Georgia faces first third and long situation, in Vandy territory. Vanderbilt stuffs the UGA run but Steven Clarke is called for unsportsmanlike conduct and Dawgs get gift first down at VU 20.

9:59 Georgia gets a short field goal after Vandy holds down on third and goal.

9:20 Jordan Matthews makes his first catch which is a first down.

8:50 Matthews snares a catch in UGA territory.

7:44 35 yards of penalties on Vandy already in half a quarter.

6:55 Jerron Seymour runs for a first down at UGA 30.

6:11 First penalty called on Georgia (sub infraction).

4:53 Matthews catches at the UGA 4 for a first down.

4:11 Seymour scores on a 4-yard run. Vandy leads 7-3.

3:25 Georgia gets 2 yards on its ensuing possession after VU score. Forced to punt.

2:55 'Dores get nothing on its third drive. Forced to punt.

2:47 A rare mediocre punt and missed tackles gives Georgia the ball at own 47.

00:00 Georgia turns to the running game and pounds the ball for a TD on a 1-yard Murray scoring run.


15:00 Brian Kimbrow has a nice KO return to the 31.

13:55 OL Jake Bernstein down with a elbow injury.

13:44 Carta-Samuels runs for a first down.

13:17 Jonathan Krause makes a catch at UGA 39.

12:37 Krause, a Georgian, makes another catch for a first at 27.

11:17 Wesley Tate makes a catch at UGA 10. Targeting call made on UGA player who knocked down Carta-Samuels after the play. DE Ray Drew is kicked out of game.

9:24 Georgia loses strong safety Jash Harvey-Clemons to a leg injury. Vanderbilt forced to attempt a field goal. Carey Spear runs on fake instead for a Vanderbilt TOUCHDOWN!! 14-10 Vanderbilt.

8:08 Georgia forced to a 3-and-out. Will punt yet again.

7:15 Matthews gets another catch for a first.

6:55 Georgian Trent Pruitt makes a nice catch and run for 15 yards and a first. May be his first career catch for VU (confirmed 1st career catch).

6:29 Georgia, a team that has only one interception this season, gets a pick six off Carta-Samuels. 17-14 Georgia.

5:22 Carta-Samuels sacked for big loss and hurt. Patton Robinette will play today.

4:33 Robinette completes an 8-yard pass by VU forced to punt.

0:29 After much ballyhooing, Aaron Murray runs in from 1-yard to extend the Georgia lead to 24-14.

00:05 Vandy and Robinette able to drive into UGA territory but clock runs out on first half.

Halftime: Georgia 24, Vanderbilt 14


13:30 Matthews gets a first down for VU on a catch from Robinette.

10:55 Vandy forced to punt after no calls on Georgia by SEC officials.

9:56 Herring with a great hit but UGA gets a first in VU territory on the next play.

7:50 Georgia at VU 7.

6:25 Andre Hal breaks up a pass to force Georgia field goal attempt, which is good. 27-14 Georgia.

4:45 Seymour runs for a first down on third and 3.

3:40 Robinette block pops Seymour for a nice run out of the wildcat.

3:07 Kimbrow bobbles a Robinette pass that is intercepted. Georgia's number of picks for the season just tripled against Vandy.

1:47 Vandy forces another UGA 3 and out but 'Dores backed up to own 15.

0:16 VU forced to punt but Georgia return muffs it and 'Dores get ball at UGA 36. What a break.


13:55 Vandy facing a fourth and 5 gets a pass to Krause who is nailed immediately by a UGA defender. Targeting call is made and Vandy gets a first but player allowed to stay in game. That one looked worse to me than the first one.

11:40 Seymour gets a critical first down inside UGA 5 on fourth and 1.

10:54 Robinette runs up the middle for a 4-yard VANDERBILT TOUCHDOWN! 27-21 Georgia.

9:36 Vanderbilt forces a 3 and out by Georgia on the drive after the VU score.

9:20 Krause a great catch at Georgia 42!

8:42 Seymour runs to the UGA 33.

6:30 Krause gets a catch at the UGA 15!!

6:00 Matthews to the 15!

5:15 Robinette sacked back at the 23.

4:44 Spear field goal cuts UGA lead to 27-24.

3:38 Vandy D stuffs UGA on third and 3 to force a punt.

3:00 High snap over Dawg punter's head gives Vandy a golden opportunity at UGA 13!

2:53 Jerron Seymour gives Vandy a 31-27 lead!!! Did we score too quick? Hopefully not.

2:11 PI call on Andre Hal keeps UGA drive alive.

1:59 Andre Hal recovers a UGA fumble after a reception. Things are looking good in Vandyville!

00:15 Spear misses a 45-yard field goal but little time remains for Georgia.

00:00 The clock runs out on Georgia! Commodores win!

A big win for Vandy and everyone involved in the Commodore program deserves credit. The coaches made tweaks to the offense and defense during the bye week to give the team a chance to win. The players never gave up after falling behind by 13 and getting Carta-Samuels knocked out of the game. Again, like two years ago, many dirty hits by Georgia's defense. Thankfully the officiating crew enforced the targeting rule like it was supposed to be instead of waiting until after the game like 2011.

Hopefully the team will celebrate tonight and put this win over a what is really a very average UGA team behind them. Texas A&M is a much stronger opponent and will never give the Commodores the gifts that this subpar Georgia team did today.


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