Vandy-Texas A&M As it Happened

It was an ugly result on Saturday afternoon as Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel dominated Vanderbilt, 56-24. Look inside for in-game commentary during the first ever meeting on the gridiron between the two schools.


12:24 A&M won the toss, took the ball and is already inside Vandy's 30.

11:45 Ladler makes a nice stop to force second and long.

11:03 Vandy has forced a fourth and 1 foot at the VU 11. A&M going for it, of course. A&M gets it on a run up the middle but it didn't come easy.

10:31 Johnny Manziel's 9-yard pass puts Aggies up 7-0. Walker May hurt on the play. Manziel looks sharp passing the ball. Got to get some pressure on him.

10:25 Vandy gets poor return on kickoff and little on first and second downs.

9:05 Patton Robinette pass is behind VU receiver on third and 7. VU will punt. Total Yards on two team's first drives: A&M 75, Vandy 3.

8:20 A&M faces and third and 9 situation and Manziel throws a called incompletion. However, a late face mask penalty gives A&M 15 yards and a first. Reviewed and called a completion. A&M declines penalty and takes 30-yard gain. Vandy in trouble again early in an SEC game.

7:32 Manziel pass extends Aggie lead to 14-0. Took just two plays after review for A&M to score.

7:22 Jonathan Krause catch for 15 yards gives VU a first.

6:23 Another Krause catch equals another first down for VU.

5:14 VU faces and fourth and 2 and will go for it. VU makes a first down! 3:52 Robinette had all day but gets sacked for about a 7 yard loss. Vandy will punt. At least the D got a breather. 1:29 Vandy defense getting burned by A&M. Aggies are in VU territory might get another score before the end of the quarter. 1:02 Long pass by Manziel to Mike Evans puts Aggies up 21-0. :49 Robinette sacked for 7-yard loss on first down of ensuing VU possession. 00:00 Disastrous first quarter mercifully comes to an end and Texas A&M leads 21-0.


14:54 Robinette misses on long pass to Krause. VU will punt.

14:48 Taylor Hudson's 17-yard punt puts Manziel and A&M in fine shape at the VU 39.

14:00 A&M run by Trey Williams puts the home team at Vandy's 10.

13:47 Another Williams run and A&M leads Vandy 28-0.

11:25 Long catch by Krause gives Vandy the ball at the A&M 22.

10:21 Kimbrow runs to A&M 6.

9:09 Robinette overthrows Steven Scheu in the end zone.

9:04 23-yard field goal by Carey Spear puts Vandy on the board. 28-3 Texas A&M.

8:55 Vanderbilt onside kick gives the 'Dores the ball back. Smart move there, coach.

7:23 Jordan Matthews makes his first catch of the game for a first down.

7:03 Robinette completes a 30-yard pass to Krause. TOUCHDOWN VANDERBILT! Krause got wide open there and ran down the right sideline for six. 28-10 A&M.

6:45 Vandy tries on side kick again but misses, why not? A&M gets ball at VU 40.

6:23 Woestmann and Jared Morse get consecutive sacks of Manziel!

5:10 Manziel gets 20 on third and 21.

4:56 Manziel incompletion gives Vandy the ball on downs.

4:16 11-yard Jerron Seymour run gives VU a first.

3:52 Another big run by Seymour gives VU a first at the A&M 39.

2:34 Vandy facing a fourth and 6 at the A&M 34. Robinette pass is incomplete.

1:36 Kenny Ladler intercepts a Manziel pass and returns it to the A&M 28. 1:26 Pass to Jordan Matthews put VU at the A&M 10. Reception breaks SEC career receiving record.

1:01 Seymour to the A&M 4.

0:47 Seymour for a Vanderbilt TOUCHDOWN!! A&M lead cut to 28-17.

0:41 A&M not letting clock run out. Going for another score.

0:17 A&M at VU 39 on long pass by Manziel.

0:08 Long pass is incomplete. SEC officials allow an obvious hold by A&M.

0:00 A&M fumbles on a run and Vandy recovers. Half runs out.


15:00 Second half kickoff to Vandy is a touchback.

14:53 First play of second half is a pick six thrown by Robinette. 35-17 A&M.

11:38 Vandy goes for it on fourth and 1 at own 43 and attempt is stuffed. A&M ball at VU 38.

11:27 31-yard gain on first offensive attempt for A&M but Aggies fumble in the VU end zone for a touchback on the next play. Recovered by Karl Butler. VU ball at own 20.

10:28 Three and out for Vandy on third possession of second half.

10:10 Texas A&M coughs up a fumble on next drive. VU ball at own 40.

9:51 Nice catch by Kris Kentera for 9 yards.

9:35 Robinette sacked. Krause hurt.

9:14 On third and 4 VU loses yardage. VU to go for it again on fourth and 5.

8:37 Fourth down surprise pooch punt goes for 5 yards. A&M ball at midfield.

6:30 A&M at VU 18, third and 1. First down for the Aggies on run.

6:10 Manziel with another TD pass puts A&M on top 42-17.

6:09 Josh Grady now in at quarterback for Vandy.

4:47 Grady passes to Matthews for a first down on third and 8.

4:17 Grady picked off on a short pass. Nice tackle by Matthews to prevent another pick six.

3:50 A&M now playing the backup QB.

3:19 Backup QB Matt Joeckel passes for another A&M score aon a 10-yard reception to Mike Evans. 49-17 A&M.

2:11 Another three and out for Vandy as Grady now seems hesitant to pass the ball. 1:09 A&M seems to have called off the dogs. Lots of underclassmen in now for the Aggies.

0:01 Vandy forces a rare punt by A&M as the third quarter ends. A&M lead 49-17.


14:54 Matthews makes an 8-yard catch from Grady.

14:31 Grady runs for a VU first. Grady hurt. Robinette back in.

13:40 Jordan Matthews makes a catch for a first.

13:04 Matthews catches at the A&M 37.

11:52 Vandy goes for it on fourth and 8. Robinette completes a pass to Matthews for 11 yards and a first.

10:34 Jordan Cunningham catches a pass for 15 yards at the A&M 9.

9:31 Robinette runs it in from 9 to score a Commodore TOUCHDOWN! 49-24 A&M.

5:08 Using third string QB Kenny Hill, A&M adds another score on a 7-yard run by Brandon Williams. Drive spanned 10 plays and 75 yards. 56-24, A&M.

3:19 Robinette picked off for the second time today. A&M ball at VU 49.

1:57 A&M has slowed down the pace of their offense tremendously.

0:59 A&M gets a first down and goes into the victory formation.

0:00 Horn sounds and that's the ball game.

FINAL: Texas A&M 56, Vanderbilt 24

Commodores fall to 4-4 (1-4 SEC) with the loss. It certainly wasn't what anyone associated with the Vanderbilt program wanted but it's only one loss. Keep in mind that Vandy had a young, inexperienced QB going against Mr. Football, Johnny Manziel and that definitely showed during the game. The positive is that, again, it is only one loss and the Commodores get another bye week to heal and work on things before Florida. While the Commodores are getting some work and rest the Gators will be tangling with a desperate Georgia team in Jacksonville.

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