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LAST WEEK (6-0)-----OVERALL (71-12)

I hate this part of the football season. There's not much left to say or comment on. The winners keep winning, the losers keep losing, and the middle of pack fights amongst themselves for the right to go to Birmingham or Shreveport.

Appalachian State @ Georgia – What's a week without a sacrificial lamb (or, in this case, Mountaineer?) Georgia 38 – Appy 10

Missouri @ Kentucky – Mizzou's backup quarterback looked really good last week. He will look even better against Kentucky. Tigers 35 – Mildcats 17

Auburn @ Tennessee – Butch Jones promised tough, tough practices this week in preparation for Auburn. Look for this one to get out of hand in the second half, as fatigue sets in. Auburn 38 – Tennessee 14

Arkansas @ Mississippi – Mississippi will cruise through this game in anticipation of an open date before the Egg Bowl. Mississippi 31 – Arkansas 10

Mississippi State @ TAMU – Another case of the "haves" vs. the "have nots". Mississippi State's side to oblivion continues this week. TAMU 45 – State 14

LSU @ Alabama – The lone game worth paying attention to, other than your own personal rooting interest. Nobody has even slowed the Tide down since TAMU early on, and LSU will just be a bump in the road to the BCS championship game. Alabama 31 – LSU 21

Vanderbilt @ Florida – Homecoming…..Tough game last week……tough game next week………lightly regarded opponent (coming off a bye week)……….many injuries. The stars are aligned for an upset of the Gators. Unfortunately for the Commodores, they are playing poorly on the road this year, and they have not yet found a way keep from falling so far behind at the beginning of the game that it is impossible to catch up. The reptiles may not have the firepower to get way ahead early, but they have the defense (even decimated) to make whatever they do stand up for the win. Gators 21 – Vandy 10

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