Vanderbilt-Florida As it Happened

After years of either being dominated by superior Florida teams or jobbed by SEC officials, Vanderbilt was finally able to pull one out today. The Vanderbilt defense created turnovers and limited Gator success while the Commodore offense played smart and took advantage of its many golden opportunities. The 34-17 final score brought a big smile to the entire Vandy nation.


14:22 Patton Robinette connects with Jordan Matthews for a 13-yard gain.

13:48 Jerron Seymour runs into UF territory at the 47. If the 'Dores can score on their opening drive it'll be huge.

10:16 On third and 9 Robinette streaks for a 19-yard gain at the UF 10!

8:01 Drive bogs down at the UF 13 but a 31-yard Carey Spear field goal puts Vandy on top 3-0.

7:11 UF catch to the 39

6:40 Woestmann tackle for no gain.

6:10 UF catch to VU 45.

5:40 Karl Butler is a tackle for loss. Third and 10 for UF.

5:00 Florida QB Tyler Murphy completes pass for Gator first at VU 35.

3:15 Jakarri Thomas gets big tackle for loss.

2:34 UF faces third and 14 at VU 26. Murphy throws incompletion under tremendous pressure.

2:26 44-yard field goal attempt missed by Gators! Still 3-0 Vandy.

2:12 Brian Kimbrow runs for 13!

1:01 Facing a fourth and 4 Vandy is forced to punt. Taylor Hudson boots a 43-yarder.

00:11 Andre Hal intercepts and returns to the UF 10! Huge play there!

00:03 Jerron Seymour punches through the middle of the Gator defense for a Vanderbilt touchdown! Commodores 10, Gators zilch near end of first quarter.


13:50 Vandy forces a UF 3 and out possession! Javon Marshall with a big hit on third down there.

12:21 Vandy's Patton Robinette is sacked and Commodores will punt after a 3 and out.

11:30 Taylor Hudson boots a 53-yard punt after getting a second chance because of a UF penalty. First was a 30 yarder. Another penalty for holding pushes the Gators back even further after the second punt.

11:15 On UF's first play after receiving punt an interception by Kenny Ladler is returned to UF 22! Golden opportunity here!

9:50 Kimbrow to the Gator 5!

9:22 Robinette for six points on a five yard run! Wow! 17-0 good guys!!! Gators getting spanked but you still hear this morons doing this moaning crap all during VU's possession.

9:17 UF backed up again following another penalty on a kickoff.

7:00 Jake Sealand gets a tackle for a loss of 3.

5:55 Gator catch and run puts UF at Vandy's 45.

5:26 Larry Franklin gets a tackle for a loss of one.

4:34 UF faces and third and 3 at Vandy 38. Gets completion for first down to Vandy 21.

3:27 UF run to Vandy 16. Third and 5 for the Gators.

3:00 Penalty on Vandy's Steven Clarke gives Gators a first down at Vandy 11.

2:34 UF run to VU 1.

2:13 Florida losses 5 yards on errant pitch. Second and goal at VU 6.

2:00 Murphy pass incomplete for Florida on second down.

1:55 Another incompletion for UF on third down!

1:47 23-yard field goal is good. 17-3 Vanderbilt. Great stand there by the Vandy defense.

1:41 Vandy starts ensuing drive at own 18.

00:35 Vandy forced to punt. Gator return man brings ball back to VU 45.

00:30 Commodores' Walker May blows up Gator first down play. UF QB loses ball? Reviewed; was it an incompletion or fumble recovered by Vandy? Ruling of fumble confirmed. Vandy ball at own 45.

00:07 Robinette sacked for loss. Time runs out in first half.

Halftime: Vanderbilt 17, Florida 3


14:55 Carey Spear makes a touchdown saving tackle on the opening kickoff. UF ball on UF 42.

13:36 Andrew Williamson gets an interception and runs it back to the Gator 3-yard line!

12:47 Seymour for a 3-yard TOUCHDOWN!! Vandy in full control leading 24-3.

10:25 Florida completion to Gator 42.

7:56 Gators go for it on fourth and 4 at VU 45. Catch and run gets UF a first down at VU 10.

7:34 Face mask on Vandy puts ball at VU 5. Darreon Herring hurt on play. Classless Gator fans busy chanting while Herring is attended to.

7:16 Gators' Taylor scampers in from 5 for a TD. Now 24-10 Vanderbilt.

6:28 Robinette long pass to Matthews to VU 39 on third and long keeps Vandy from being backed up deep.

6:00 Trent Pruitt catches in UF territory.

5:02 Seymour runs for a first down on third and 1. VU at UF 37.

4:32 Vandy going for it on fourth and 2. Robinette runs to the UF 23-yard line.

2:20 Robinette for another first down at the UF 14.

1:10 Gators called for 12 players on the field. Five yard penalty puts ball at Gator 7. Second and 3.

00:22 Seymour to the Gator 1!!

00:01 Quarter ends with Vandy on the Florida 1 and leading 24-10. Nothing could be finer!


14:55 Seymour for six more! Vanderbilt 31, Florida 10.

14:04 Gators have moved to the Vandy 45 with a quicker paced offense.

13:10 First down Florida at VU 31 on catch.

12:18 Caleb Azubike with a huge sack.

11:51 Face mask call pushes Gators back to UF 38. Gators face second and 31.

11:22 Facing third and long Andre Hal nearly intercepts.

11:14 Gator punt goes into end zone. Dores will start drive on 20.

9:58 Three and out for Vandy. Hudson punt pushes Gators back to own 28.

8:16 Florida quickly has driven to Vandy 11.

7:40 Florida's Fullwood makes a lucky catch for a TD. Ball was kicked after Paris Head broke it up, and into the arms of Fullwood. 31-17 Vanderbilt.

7:30 Florida is offsides on failed onsides kick.

5:25 Vandy punts after 3 and out. Gator ball at 14.

4:55 15-yard penalty on Adam Butler gets UF near midfield.

4:30 Tyler Murphy sacked by Woestmann for big loss.

3:51 Woestmann jumps offsides on fourth and 2 to give Gators a first down. That's okay Westy!

3:30 Murphy called for intentional grounding on third and long. Now face a fourth and 23 at own 45.

3:23 Azubike sacks Murphy way back at the UF 20. Incredible. Vandy ball!

3:08 Seymour to the UF 5!

1:06 Carey Spear 31-yard field goal attempt is GOOD! 34-17 Vanderbilt. Morse hurt.

00:01 Time has run out for the Florida Gators. Time has also ran out on the 22-game Commodore losing streak to Florida. It's also the first time ever Vandy has beaten Georgia and the Gators in the same season. The Commodores improve to 5-4 (2-4 SEC) with three winnable games coming up to end the season.

FINAL: Vanderbilt 34, Florida 17 Top Stories