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LAST WEEK (6-1)-----OVERALL (77-13)

It's the calm before the storm, as 5 SEC teams take a break before the final push to jockey for bowl eligibility and position.

Troy @ Mississippi – This, of course, is a virtual bye week for Mississippi. They need it, with Missouri and Mississippi State looming on the horizon (thought how much looming MSU does is debatable). For now, though…Bears 42 – Troy 14

Mississippi State @ Alabama – Alabama should swat the Bulldogs aside like a pesky gnat. Tide 42 – MSU 10

Georgia @ Auburn – It's hard to talk about Auburn without using the adjective "surprising" in there somewhere. You might throw it Georgia's way too, but in a bad way. It's been too easy for the Tigers so far, and they'll be cruising toward and open date to get ready for the Tide. Pride goeth before a fall, as they say. Dogs 31 – Auburn 27

Florida @ South Carolina – Let's see, South Carolina beat Vandy handily. Vandy beat Florida handily. Is there any question here? Gamecocks 35 – Gators 21

Kentucky @ Vanderbilt – One can only hope that the Vandy players have not been reading their press clippings. In the past, this has been a classic trap game for the Dores, and Kentucky knows it. James Franklin has changed the culture, as he proved in this same game last year (40-0 VU). I expect no less from the team this year. They will own November. Vandy 35 – Mildcats 13. Top Stories