Vanderbilt-Kentucky As it Happened

Vanderbilt defeated Kentucky 22-6 on Saturday to become bowl eligible for the third straight year. Look inside for commentary as the game happened.


10:47 Vandy is forced to punt on its first offensive series. Commodores rolled the dice and went for it on fourth and 1/2 yard at their own 29 and made it. However, losses after Brian Kimbrow couldn't handle a snap out of the wildcat and a sack of Austyn Carta-Samuels doomed a once promising drive.

9:11 Kentucky already at Vandy's 38 following a personal foul and some good running and passing by the Cats.

7:51 UK quarterback Jalen Whitlow runs for a first down at the Vandy 18.

6:23 Kentucky's JoJo Kemp dives into the Vandy end zone for a UK touchdown. Steven Clarke returns a blocked extra point (Adam Butler) all the way for two Commodore points. Crazy score of 6-2 Kentucky.

5:15 Vandy is three and out on their second drive. Carta-Samuels sacked again.

4:03 Jard Morse knocks down a UK third down pass to force a Cat punt. Vandy ball at own 17 after punt.

2:34 Vandy forced to punt after failing to get a yard and 1/2 on third down.

2:08 Andre Hal gets intercepts a pass which he returns to the UK 26.

0:52 Kimbrow runs up the middle for 21 yards and a Commodore touchdown! He dove into the end zone at the end of the run. 9-6 Vanderbilt.

0:50 Kentucky starts its ensuing drive at the UK 25.

00:00 First quarter ends with Kentucky facing a third and 5 at its own 30.

Vanderbilt 9, Kentucky 6


14:53 UK pass to Vandy 47 gives them a first.

13:27 Whitlow incomplete pass on third down forces them to punt.

12:42 Penalty on Kentucky on punt. Vandy ball at own 23.

12:15 Seymour 9-yard run puts Vandy into a third and 1 situation which Vandy gets on the next play on a 1-yard run from Seymour.

10:25 Carta-Samuels sacked for a big loss to force a Vandy punt.

9:53 Taylor Hudson's 53-yard punt backs UK up inside own 10.

8:25 On third and 4 Kentucky gets a first down at own 33-yard line.

6:30 On third and 8 a Kentucky pass is intercepted by Paris Head! Commodore ball at own 19.

6:04 Jordan Matthews makes a 12-yard catch to VU 33.

4:55 Jerron Seymour runs for an apparent 64-yard run but a penalty snuffs out that score.

3:37 Vandy forced to punt after penalties stifle drive.

3:03 Karl Butler blasts UK player for a loss. Vince Taylor injured.

0:48 Kentucky has driven to Vandy's 42 and faces a third and long. UK's Whitlow taken down for a loss but UK goes for it on fourth down and converts.

0:03 Andrew Williamson picks off a UK hail Mary pass in the end zone to end the first half.

Halftime: Vanderbilt 9, Kentucky 6


15:00 Kentucky gets tagged with delay of game call before half even started.

14:00 Kentucky faces a fourth and 26 at own 9 after their drive is riddled with penalties and a fumble they recovered. Vandy ball at UK 41 after punt.

12:30 Jordan Cunningham makes a short catch.

11:35 Vandy goes for it on fourth and six but Carta-Samuels pass to Matthews is for just one yard. UK ball at UK 36.

11:10 UK run to the Vandy 44.

9:50 UK at Vandy's 33 after Whitlow pass to Robinson for 17 yards.

8:30 Wildcats face a fourth and long situation at Vandy 30. A fake field goal fails and UK gets nothing on drive. Adam Butler gets another great stop there for Vandy.

7:57 Pass out of wildcat results in 42-yard VU gain to UK 26 via a Carta-Samuels pass to Matthews.

5:44 Vandy forced to attempt a 34-yard field goal that misses wide left.

4:16 Wildcats have driven to Vandy's 35. UK got away with an incomplete lateral that was called a pass.

2:39 On third and 12 at VU 44 UK pass falls incomplete.

2:18 UK punter's poor punt gives VU the ball at own 27.

2:13 Wide open Kris Kentera can't get to ball.

1:27 Trent Pruitt makes a difficult 17 yard catch on third and long.

0:16 Seymour runs to the UK 37 for a 12-yard gain.

0:00 Score remains 9-6 Vandy going into fourth quarter.


14:47 Seymour for 8 yards to the UK 30. Commodore running game is stronger in the second half.

14:34 Pass interference call against UK on Matthews puts VU at UK 14.

13:05 Vandy faces a fourth and 4. Carey Spear makes a 26-yard field goal to put Vandy up 12-6.

13:00 UK gets ball at own 25 after kickoff. Adam Butler stuffs the UK QB for a 5-yard loss on first play of Cat drive.

12:07 Kentucky forced to punt on first drive of fourth quarter. Will punt from own 27. 58-yard punt combined with penalties forces Vandy to start drive at own 3.

10:43 Matthews makes an 11 yard catch for a first down at the VU 21. It's his 11th catch of the game!

9:29 Matthews catches 34-yard pass at midfield and runs to UK 43. Targeting call on Kentucky's Eric Dixon results in his ejection from game and 15 yard penalty to UK 28.

7:47 Trey Wilkins makes a 5-yard catch to setup a fourth and 2 situation and another Carey Spear field goal attempt, this time from 34-yard. The kick is good! and Vandy leads 15-6.

6:54 Caleb Azubike called for targeting after late hit on UK QB but allowed to stay in game.

5:53 UK pass deep into Vandy territory is negated by holding penalty on Cats.

5:24 Kenny Ladler intercepts Whitlow pass on fourth and long. VU ball at own 45. Ladler now has four interceptions for the season.

3:30 Seymour gets 12 yards on third and 11. First down Vandy at UK 44!

2:12 Matthews makes 28-yard run to UK 19.

1:41 Kimbrow carries to the UK 15.

1:33 Patton Robinette in the game. Runs for 2-yard gain on third down.

0:52 Robinette completes 13-yard pass to Kentera for a touchdown up the middle. 22-6 VANDERBILT! That play looked similar to the failed Rodgers to Brandon Barden pass from the Liberty Bowl in 2011. Commodores might have won that had Barden been able to make the catch in that one.

0:11 Azubike injured.

0:00 UK coach graciously agrees to allow the clock to run out; he and Franklin shake hands as time runs out.

Vanderbilt improves to 6-4 (3-4 SEC) with the win. The Commodores are now bowl eligible for the third straight season. It wasn't pretty at times but the end result is another Commodore victory! Next week it's Tennessee in Knoxville. Vandy hasn't won back-to-back games over UT since the the 1920s. It's another chance for this team to do something that hasn't been done in a long, long time! Top Stories