When Brian Kimbrow dove into the end zone on Saturday against Kentucky he did more than just score six points. On a larger scale Kimbrow's score put James Franklin past the 1,000 point mark as head coach at Vanderbilt. A mark that Franklin has reached much quicker than any of his predecessors in modern times.

James Franklin has won 21 games in less than three full seasons at Vanderbilt. That's a phenomenal accomplishment for a Vandy coach, an accomplishment that many believed could never be happen. There are many reasons for Franklin's success like improvements in recruiting, strength and conditioning along with solid coaching. However, the bottom line is that Franklin coached teams have been able to light up the scoreboard more than Commodore teams of the past.

Franklin has steadily improved Vanderbilt scoring output since arriving on campus. In 2011 the 'Dores put up 26.7 point per game and Black & Gold fans were already dancing in the streets. In 2012 that number increased to 30 points a game. So far in 2013, even after a less than stellar offensive performance against Kentucky, the 'Dores are averaging 31.3 points a game.

Consider that it took just 36 games for Franklin to reach the 1,000 point mark which is the smallest number of games needed of the modern day Commodore coaches (since 1979). By contrast, Watson Brown- a well respected offensive tactician- needed 53 games to get to a thousand. Woody Widenhofer had only 579 points, 421 less than Franklin has now, after 36 games. Rule changes to shorten the game for television make this accomplishment even more impressive.

James Franklin just keeps on winning, even when the pundits project his demise. But after the program's upcoming third straight bowl appearance you can bet that Franklin will still be looking for new ways to score on the opposition. Whether it's a fake field goal, an offensive trick play or whatever, Franklin and his staff are always innovating methods to score in all three areas of the game.

FOR 1000 PTS
James Franklin2011-PRES.361,02028.3361,020
Robbie Caldwell201012 20316.9NANA
Bobby Johnson2002-200995 1,93620.449692
Woody Widenhofer1997-200155 95117.3NA579
Rod Dowhower1995-9622 24411.1NANA
Gerry DiNardo1991-199444 76917.5NA622
Watson Brown1986-199055 1,07019.553756
George MacIntyre1979-198578 1,44818.556585

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