Vanderbilt-Tennessee As it Happened

That last time Vanderbilt beat Tennessee in back-to-back seasons (1925-26) the Great Depression still hadn't started. On Saturday, however, Vandy made the plays when it counted in order to beat the Vols 14-10. Look inside to read in-game commentary.


13:24 Fourth and at VU 41 and Vandy is going for it. Vandy gets called for false start.

12:51 Taylor Hudson's punt goes out at UT 49. 15 yard punt.

11:38 Kenny Ladler interception. VU ball at own 39. Ladler has had picks in four straight games.

11:31 Austyn Carta-Samuels pass completed to Jordan Matthews for 14 yard to UT 47.

10:13 Patton Robinette runs to UT 35 for first down.

9:12 Krause catches for first down at UT 25.

8:00 Jordan Matthews ties career SEC receiving record.

7:15 Robinette runs to UT 8.

6:09 Jerron Seymour 4-yard run up the middle puts Vandy on top 7-0!

5:35 UT QB Joshua Dobbs sacked by Walker May and Stephen Weatherly. UT will punt on fourth and 15 from own 20.

4:37 Carta-Samuels pass is intercepted by UT and returned to VU 10 (after personal foul on Wesley Johnson is added on). Not sure what ACS was seeing there.

3:26 UT loses yardage on drive after interception. Forced to attempt field which is blocked by Adam Butler. Butler also blocked a kick last week against Kentucky.

1:53 UT called for pass interference on pass to Krause. VU ball at VU 41.

1:48 Brian Kimbrow fumbles. UT gets ball at VU 38. 15 yard penalty pushed ball back to UT 47. That's Kimbrow's first fumble actually running the ball this season. (Not including special teams).


14:56 UT's scores on Rajion Neal 4-yard run. 7-7 tie.

14:49 Vandy starts drive at own 14 after kickoff and Harding Harper personal foul.

14:00 Wesley Tate bulls for 15 yards for first down to VU 31.

11:23 Robinette stuffed for 1-yard gain on third and 6. VU to punt.

10:23 Paris Head intercepts and returns to UT 39. Vandy ball!

9:29 Jordan Matthews catches for a first at UT 28. Andrew Jelks hurt.

7:37 Matthews catches at the UT 4. Fumbles, recovered by UT at UT 1.

5:07 UT faces fourth and 4 at own 37 but they will be able to pin Vandy safely away from UT end zone. Vandy gets ball at own 26 after punt.

3:07 Wesley Tate makes back to back catches to give the 'Dores a first at VU 39.

1:29 Vandy facing third and four at own 45. Jordan Cunningham is interfered with by UT. Vandy first down UT 49.

0:12 VU forced to punt. Colby Cooke will do the honors.

00:00 UT runs out clock to end first half.

Vanderbilt 7, Tennessee 7 at HALFTIME


12:15 Pass interference on Vandy gives Vols ball at VU 35.

11:23 Facing a third and 9 Vandy loses containment and UT's Dobbs runs to VU 20 for first down.

9:31 UT pass gets Vols at VU 15 on fourth down. UT 32-yard field goal by Michael Palardy puts the Vols in front 10-7.

8:55 Darrius Sims returns kick off to UT 26! First down Vanderbilt. That was a 71 yard return. Wow!

7:26 Robinette fumbles at UT 16. Called down on play but reviewed and ball goes to Tennessee. Vandy has lost three fumbles tonight after having only 2 lost fumbles all season.

6:17 UT QB Dobbs runs for first down at 34 Steven Clarke hurt on play.

5:26 Kenny Ladler called for targeting on hit. UT gets first down after facing third and 6. Ball is placed at VU 47. Ladler ejected which is not good.

4:50 UT catch at Vandy 32. Catch challenged by VU and called incomplete. UT will face a third and 8 from VU 45.

4:42 Sims breaks up a pass to force a UT fourth and 8 situation. After punt Vandy gets ball at own 8.

2:57 Vandy drive goes three and out. Commodores will punt from their own 14. UT will start their drive at Vandy 49.

0:12 UT is at Vandy 14 facing a third and inches. Quarter ends.

Tennessee 10, Vanderbilt 7 end of third quarter


14:57 Vols easily get first down at VU 13.

14:33 Vols QB Dobbs runs for an apparent TD but UT called for block in the back. Ball goes back to VU 25.

13:45 Dobbs fumbles and completes a pass for a loss of 9 at VU 27.

13:13 UT faces a fourth and 19. Vols fake the field goal and Paris Head intercepts at VU 18.

12:32 Matthews catch for first down on first play of Vandy possession following failed Fake FG.

11:00 Robinette tentativeness forces a VU punt. UT fair catch at Vol 13.

9:05 Big sack by Weatherly backs UT up at 3. Vols punt goes out of bounds UT 29. Vandy ball.

7:50 Matthews catch to 25. Vandy third and 6 situation. Pass to Wesley Tate is broken up easily by Vols.

7:15 Spear's 42-yard field goal is short. Unreal how Vandy keeps shooting itself in the foot.

6:32 UT's Neal runs to UT 46. First down Vols. Dores need a stop now.

4:50 Vandy gets a stop. UT will punt from Vol 48.

4:16 Vandy Trent Pruitt calls fair catch at VU 8. This will be Vandy's biggest drive of the season.

3:15 Vandy gets decent yardage on first down but failed reverse puts 'Dores in third and 7.

2:40 Pass to Krause gains 18 at VU 30.

2:11 Pass by Carta-Samuels to Tate for 5-yard loss. Second and 15 Vandy.

1:28 Pass to Krause for first down at VU 40. 15-yard face mask makes it 1st and 10 at UT 43.

1:03 Matthews catch to UT 34. VU faces third and 1.

0:48 Tate runs for no gain. Dores face a fourth and 1. ACS gets the first down on sneak. Play had to be reviewed.

0:34 Jordan Matthews catch at UT 5! Timeout Vandy.

0:21 Robinette fakes the jump pass and runs to the right into the end zone! Incredible! Touchdown VANDERBILT! 14-10 Vandy!

FINAL: Vanderbilt 14, Tennessee 10 Commodores beat UT for two straight seasons for the first time since 1925-26!

Vanderbilt improves to 7-4 (4-4 SEC) and will play Wake Forest next week. The Commodores are 9-7 in the SEC over the past two seasons. Bring on the Demon Deacons. Top Stories