BBVA Compass Bowl has some positives

We don't know where the Commodores are going to be bowling yet. However, the key is that they will be indeed playing in a bowl yet again. One possible bowl that Vandy could play in is the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham. Yes, there are sexier bowl games that Vandy should rightfully play in but here are seven positives about the BBVA Compass Bowl.

  1. Jordan Matthews

    Matthews gets to play his final college game in his home state of Alabama. Matthews was snubbed by both Alabama and Auburn out of high school but he'll return home for his third bowl game rated as the No. 1 wide receiver out of 409 by

  2. Unfinished business

    Vanderbilt played in a bowl game in Birmingham in 1982 when it was the Hall of Fame Bowl and fell 36-28 to Air Force. Vandy fans swarmed over Legion Field in that game. Winning a bowl game in Birmingham would even Vandy's bowl record in that city.

  3. It's a bowl out of Tennessee

    Vandy has played three bowls in a row in its home state. Nothing against that but it's time to show the world that Vanderbilt fans will travel, even to out-of-state bowl games.

  4. SEC/Football Advocates

    Birmingham is a city full of SEC football advocates. Its residents will flock to the bowl and support whatever SEC team is playing, especially to watch one of the greatest players ever to come out of that state play. Compare this to the City of Memphis which refused to embrace the Titans (then known as the Oilers) when the team attempted to make a temporary home there in the 90s. An NFL team was playing in front of crowds of 10,000 or less at the Liberty Bowl Stadium. This would never have happened in Birmingham.

  5. Extra practice

    The Compass Bowl is played on January 4, 2014. Only two college bowl games play at later dates. This means extensive practice sessions for the 'Dores over the holidays and plenty of time to put the still new Multipurpose Center to good use. Great teams get better by effectively using this additional practice to develop young payers, institute new wrinkles and get a jump start on preparation for the upcoming season.

  6. Weather

    Yes. it gets cold too in Birmingham but generally the further south you go the warmer it gets. Additionally, the game starts at noon which means the bowl will likely take place during the warmest time of the day. The game is on Saturday too which enables most Vandy fans to be able to attend without much financial burden. A fan could leave at 8 am watch the game and be home by 7 pm. Not bad at all. This isn't what bowl officials want but if money is tight for you it's an option.

  7. It's a bowl game for goodness sake

    In 2007 Vanderbilt had still only been to three bowl games since it started playing football in 1890. There have been plenty of years where bowl eligible Vandy teams didn't get to bowls. During the long Vandy bowl drought from 1983 to 2007 there were also years in which Vandy came close to becoming bowl eligible. However, during those seasons there was often some discussion as to whether the 'Dores would even get a bid if they reached a record of 6-5. We should be thankful that VANDERBILT is going to its seventh bowl game and not bickering over the bowl.

    Commodore fans should support the 'Dores wherever they play in a bowl. Top Stories