A Very Vandy Christmas to All

Well it is that time of year again where Santa does his rounds and we are all filled with cheer and merriment (along with a glass or two of the good stuff). So while wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas, here is a quick list of things that the 'Dores should be asking for from ole Saint Nick this year.

Keeping James Franklin in town

It is going to take quite the job offer to take Franklin away from Vanderbilt. He likes the school, he likes the conference, and he loves the ability to make Vanderbilt into a statement program off of his own work. Unfortunately for the 'Dores the Texas Longhorns are a destination program who have the history, and the pocketbook, to make Franklin an offer he cannot refuse. As soon as Mack Brown was relieved of his duties/resigned the replacement lists had Franklin's name on them. Hopefully Texas passes him over and Vanderbilt gets another year at least of the best thing to happen to the program ever. The recent Penn State opening is causing even more worry for Commodore fans.

A Bowl Win

Vandy may have been saddled with an unattractive bowl again this year, but the way to make sure that doesn't happen in the future is to take out the frustration on Houston. Vandy fans need to descend on Birmingham like never before and cheer the Commodores to victory so that next year the black and gold are even more attractive to the bowl selectors.

A big day for Jordan Matthews

With Patton Robinette starting in place of the injured Austyn Carta-Samuels this may be a bit difficult, but, hey, this is a list for Santa and he is a giving fellow. Matthews has put his stamp on this program in a way similar to that of Zac Stacy and with any luck he will have just as much success at the next level as the current Rams running back. It would be amazing, however, if he could put together one more monumental performance in the bowl game and show on a national stage exactly what the Vanderbilt faithful have come to enjoy during his career in Nashville.

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