5 reasons VU should interview Mike MacIntyre

Vanderbilt officials are scurrying to find a new head coach for the Commodores. One coach that David Williams should definitely talk to in Mike MacIntyre, the current head coach at Colorado. Here are five reasons why.

  1. Solid coaching- He has four years experience as an assistant in the NFL. Later he brought San Jose State from a 1-11 season in 2010 to a 10-2 season in 2012. The man can coach and run a program. His recruiting class was ranked No. 1 in the WAC, and this without any western roots. Just think what he could do as a head coach in the south. He's also improved Colorado in just one year there. They won four times as many games in 2013 as they did in 2012.
  2. Vandy roots- No worrying about this guy taking off after a couple seasons. Mike MacIntyre's father, George, was the head coach at Vanderbilt for seven years. He led Vanderbilt from a 1-10 record in 1979 to eventually play in a bowl game in 1982 and also defeated Alabama in 1984, Vanderbilt's last win over the Tide. Mike went on to play for Vandy for a couple seasons before his dad stepped down coaching the 'Dores.
  3. Good character man- MacIntyre, like his dad is, is very respected in the coaching community. As far as I know, no Spartans or Buffaloes have been locked up under his watch.
  4. Low buyout, if any- Yes, he's in his second season Colorado, but I'm hearing he has little or no buyout.
  5. High academics- In addition to playing at Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech, MacIntyre also was a defensive coordinator at Duke for two years before going to San Jose State. He knows about what it takes to coach and be a student at an institution with high academic standards.

David Williams should at least interview this man, if MacIntyre is interested. I bet he would be with his father ailing with a serious case of Multiple Sclerosis just a few miles from the Vandy campus.

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