Vanderbilt Draft Prospects Own Pro Day

Remember when football players from Vanderbilt were rarely considered a threat to make it to the NFL? Those days seem further away than ever after the most recent Pro Day held on the Vanderbilt campus showed once again that the football team is riddled with players who exude NFL potential.

With ‘Dores alumni like Earl Bennett and Jay Cutler proving to be solid pros, it will be interesting to see if anyone from the class of 2014 is able to equal, or better, what they are doing on Sunday's.

The most interesting aspect of the Vanderbilt Pro Day was that it wasn't the big names that shone. The likes of Jordan Matthews and Andre Hal sat out of most of the day, content to let their combine work and game film do the talking for them. This turned out to be a great thing for some of the lesser thought of Commodores as they were able to take center stage, some with breath taking effect.

Take Jordan Krause for example. Krause was an afterthought even within the Vanderbilt coaching staff at the start of the season. He was to be the third option (at best) behind Matthews and Chris Boyd. Circumstances though, as they often do, created opportunity. With Boyd off of the team Krause was able to step up and progress as the season moved on into a receiver that the scouts were at least taking notice off. At the Pro Day Krause took his draft stock into his own hands with two blistering forty times which were both clocked in the 4.3 range. He is now a priority free agent at the very least.

Krause did this in front of the biggest collection of scouts that the school has ever seen for a Pro Day. Every high school student headed to college to play football dreams of playing at some point in the NFL. One of the reasons that the Alabama's and the Florida's get all these blue chip prospects is because the history and tradition of the school says you are going to get drafted highly if you play there. The first step to establishing this is by having a class of players who play at a high enough level to attract scouts to the school. The next step will be getting these players drafted and established in the league so that potential recruits can see that going to Vanderbilt can get you to that level.

If the 2014 class is as impactful as the talent means they could be then this could be the beginning of a new era of Vanderbilt players in the NFL. Top Stories