Thoughts on moving Ole Miss to LP Field

In a surprising move the Commodores announced this week that their game this fall against Mississippi will be played at LP Field instead of at Vanderbilt Stadium. The home of the Tennessee Titans may be located just a couple of miles from the Vanderbilt campus, but it is still taking a valuable home game and moving it to a different (if not totally neutral) field.

Season ticket holders will be glad to know that this game will still be part of the regular season ticket package at no extra charge.

While this change of game location is certainly a departure from the norm for the ‘Dores there are a number of reasons why it is a brilliant move. Here are the top five:

1) It is expanding the brand

Perhaps the most important reason to put this game in the Titans home stadium is the potential for brand expansion. It only makes sense for the Commodores and Titans to have a symbiotic relationship with each other given the short distance between the school and the team. By putting this game at LP Field the ‘Dores will be appealing to people who have never thought of attending a Vanderbilt football game. If they can get some of those people to attend, then retain some of that viewership, it goes down as a win.

2) Extra money

Vanderbilt Stadium holds 40,350 people. LP Field holds 69,149 people. This one is just simple math.

3) Keeping the buzz alive

James Franklin built the current buzz about Vanderbilt at the local, regional, and semi-national level. With Franklin out of town it was always going to be interesting to see what the administration was going to do to keep that roll going. The hiring of Derek Mason was a good start, but this game shows that the powers that be are still thinking big. That is great news for fans of the black and gold.

4) The opponent and game date work perfectly

When Vandy played Mississippi last year it was in front of a sellout crowd of 40,350. Mississippi fans accounted for one fourth of that number. In addition 35,000 Mississippi fans descended on Nashville last December to watch the Rebels play at LP Field in the Music City Bowl. Basically the Ole Miss fans have proven they will travel en mass to play in Nashville. When you add in the fact that this should be a warm, lazy September day/night right at the start of the season, then you have the perfect recipe for a full stadium and an electric atmosphere. It is also worth noting that this will be the only SEC Conference game on the schedule that weekend.

5) The players will benefit

For some of the players involved this will be their only chance to run out onto the field at an NFL Stadium. This is the first time that Vandy will have played a regular season game at what is now called LP Field since 2002. This is something that the student athletes involved will be able to tell their grandchildren about and deep down that is what college sports should really be in the first place. Top Stories