Vandy SEC Schedules Set Until 2025

If the setting of future schedules is in any way indicative of conference stability then Vanderbilt should get used to the fourteen school format which is currently employed.

The Southeastern Conference announced their future, rotating schedule of non-division opponents for every conference member on Monday, all the way though until the 2025 season. That is twelve years from now if anyone is counting at home.

The rotation begins with games this fall and gives each team their second out of conference foe to go along with their permanent opponent. This would also seem to suggest that the Vanderbilt versus Mississippi rivalry which has been great for both schools to this point will extend to at least the 2025 season also. This all seems very interesting when you put it against a college football landscape where we have been told for the past few years that everyone is aiming toward four super conferences of sixteen teams. Though plans can obviously change, and they often seem to in the murky world of the NCAA, this would obviously suggest that the SEC is very comfortable with the format as it is right now.

Here is how the slate will look for Vanderbilt in the next decade and a bit:

2014 at Mississippi State; 2015 vs. Texas A&M; 2016 at Auburn; 2017 vs. Alabama; 2018 at Arkansas; 2019 vs. LSU; 2020 at Texas A&M; 2021 vs. Mississippi State; 2022 at Alabama; 2023 vs. Auburn; 2024 at LSU; 2025 vs. Arkansas.

(Permanent opponents in 2014: Home – Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ole Miss; Away – Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri. Sites will alternate home and away through 2025.)

Just glancing over the schedule quickly the game that will catch the eye of many is that home date with the mighty Alabama in 2017. It will be the first meeting of the two teams since 2011 and it will be very interesting to see how the recruiting and development of players in the Derek Mason system stacks up against a team who has without doubt been the standard for the last five or so seasons.

One thing that is for certain is that with the exception of perhaps Mississippi State the SEC West has a whole bunch of talented squads who the ‘Dores will have to overcome in the not too distant future.

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