Vanderbilt to Omaha!

Vanderbilt earned its second ever trip to the College World Series with a 12-5 win over Stanford. After the final out the Commodores swarmed onto Hawkins Field into a pile of humanity. It was a special moment for the Vandy nation, one that was long overdue. During telecasts ESPN has been showing video of a brick wall being constructed. That clip may have had some Vandy fans thinking.

Because of several disappointments in the NCAA tournament over the past few years, some Commodore fans may have thought of that ESPN wall was being constructed as a symbol of Vandy's past NCAA failures. However, Vanderbilt would bulldoze through that damn wall on Sunday. On Sunday the team took care of business and got its ticket punched. In other years we haven't been as fortunate, especially in Super Regional elimination games.

Remember last year's team that won a record 26 conference games? It didn't make it to Omaha. This year's team that won just 17 conference matchups will. Too often we've seen highly regarded Vanderbilt teams (see 2007, 2013) that were thought to be a shoe in to get to Omaha, miss the bus. Meanwhile other teams, some that the Commodores dominated during the regular season, marched on to Omaha for a chance at greatness.

Who would have ever thought that this team, a team that fell to Mississippi State 17-2 a couple months back, would ultimately knock down the wall and get its ticket punched for Omaha? Back in early April, in Knoxville against our orange clad rivals, who would have thought we'd be here today? Remember the Texas A&M series? Who would have thought? Those were tough days for this Commodore baseball program but the team persevered and slowly improved.

As the team improved, series losses to teams like Tennessee and Texas A&M turned into series wins over top notch teams like Florida. Yes, there was that final series loss at home to South Carolina, a team that had struggled in road series during the season. But the team never gave up. Even after a rare poor showing the SEC Tournament, as Tim Corbin said, the team had each other's backs. These guys, many of them younger players, don't know the meaning of the word "quit".

Hats off the 2014 Vanderbilt baseball Commodores. Making it back to Omaha in a year where it wasn't always at its best is something very special to Vandy fans. Tim Corbin and his staff must also be credited for the tremendous job they did getting the team back to the CWS.

It's hard to believe that for years Vandy fans could only dream of the team getting to Omaha. Now because of Corbin and a commitment to baseball by former athletic director Todd Turner, now we will see the ‘Dores in Omaha for the second time in four years.

One wall down. Now go win Vanderbilt a National Championship! Top Stories