VU WBB: Summer Workouts 2014

Summer school at Vanderbilt is well underway, and the 2014-2015 women's basketball team is on campus getting ready for the upcoming season. Whitney D. recently stopped by the McGugin Center for some photos of one of the team's strength and conditioning workout and to get a first look at the team's freshmen.

During the summer the NCAA allows eight hours of mandatory activities for the players on women's basketball teams. No more than two of those hours can be devoted to skills instruction by basketball coaches in individual workouts. At Vanderbilt the remaining six hours under the supervision of Strength and Conditioning Coach Kandice King.

Skills workouts take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Strength and conditioning workouts generally take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, lasting an hour to an hour. In addition Coach King works with the student-athletes on other issues related to developing and maintaining peak physical condition, such as nutrition. Student-athletes are allowed to participate in voluntary activities such as pickup games, but any such activity must be voluntary and can't be observed or monitored by the coaches.

All of the players on the 2014-2015 team are on campus except for incoming freshman Paris Kea, who was selected to the USA Basketball U18 team in May. Obligations with Team USA conflict with summer school, so she'll be coming to campus at the beginning of the fall semester. Here are some snapshots of the other players as they go through a typical summer time strength and conditioning workout.

Audrey Caron-Goudreau

Kendall Shaw

Marqu'es Webb and Coach King

Rachel Bell

Morgan Batey and Kristen Gaffney

Christa Reed and Jasmine Jenkins

Rachel Bell

Rachel Bell

Christa Reed

Jasmine Jenkins

Khale Caron-Goudreau, Christa Reed, Rachel Bell, Audrey Caron-Goudreau

Marqu'es Webb and Rebekah Dahlman

Jasmine Jenkins, Heather Bowe, Morgan Batey
Kristen Gaffney, Rayte'a Long, Kendall Shaw

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