ESPN gives Vanderbilt motivation

You learn some amazing things while trolling through the internet. Did you know for example that the Vanderbilt Commodores, winners of nine games last fall, are only going to win 4.9 games in 2014?

That stat is brought to you by something called the ESPN Stats and Information team. Now, if you are somewhat confused by this don’t worry about it as you are certainly not alone. There was a time when ESPN was but a small cable news company trying to make headway into the world of televised sports. Nowadays though it seems like they have these arbitrary ranking systems and “Power Index” all over their network where they try to use their statistical data (and their budget) to tell you what is going to happen before any games are played.

Perhaps we should just take their world for it and not tune in to any of the games this fall. See just how that impacts their bottom line….

So then. Now that we know that the ‘Dores 2014 season is going to be an epic failure let’s have a look at just how bad it will be. The 4.9 wins (how does one achieve 0.9 of a win anyway) will make the Commodores the worst team in the SEC. They will be tied with Arkansas for the worst record in the SEC 4.9-7.1 and, to rub a little salt in the wounds, the ‘Dores will not win any games at all in conference. Here is the exact quote from the ESPN website:

Vanderbilt: The James Franklin-less Commodores are projected to drop to 4.9 wins under first-year coach Derek Mason. They have a 0 percent chance of winning the SEC and a 0.02 percent chance of winning the East. Vandy is favored against UMass, Charleston Southern, Temple and Old Dominion.

Obviously there will be a transition period with Mason in charge and, yes, losing Jordan Matthews at wide receiver is just huge. This however is a young, talented team with a young, hungry head coach. Yes, the ‘Dores are still making roster adjustments and bringing in new transfers to compete for playing time and to contribute immediately. There will be growing pains for sure with a new system and new ideas, but this Commodores squad is going to grow as the season progresses and it is hard to fathom a situation where Vanderbilt doesn’t sweep the non-conference slate and pick up at least a couple of SEC wins along the way.

If you still need convincing that the season isn’t already over then there is always this. According to the Soccer Power Index match-predictor, Germany had a 0.02 percent probability of scoring seven goals or more during the World Cup semifinal on Tuesday. Coincidentally that is the exact percentage chance that the Commodores have of winning the SEC East according to the Football Power Index.

Time to prepare for a trip to the Georgia Dome in December then Vandy fans.

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