Buncom impressed with Vanderbilt

The city of Nashville attracts people from all over the country, sometimes to the benefit of Vanderbilt University. Such was the case when Frank Buncom IV, a 6-foot-1, 188-pound defensive back from St. Augustine High School in San Diego, Calif., came to town from the International Boys School Coalition conference.

"I was in Nashville for the IBSC conference," Frank Buncom told VandyMania.com. "I think that Vanderbilt caught wind I was in town through the social media. I was allowed to go spend some time on campus. It went well. I had never been. I had a chance to talk to a lot with the coaches. There was an exciting buzz on campus with the baseball team winning the national championship. The facilities are undergoing renovation over the summer. It was very impressive to see what they're doing.

"I love the new staff [at Vanderbilt]. They're defensively-minded. Coach Mason was recruiting me when he was still with Stanford. They like the fact that I'm long, athletic, and intelligent and want to bring in that type of player especially at safety on the back end.

"I think Vanderbilt has an up and coming program. They have a lot of things going for it like playing in arguably the toughest conference, the new staff is exiting, and the academics is among the upper-echelon in the country. I came out with a top 10 earlier, but I'm going to reconstruct it and Vanderbilt will definitely be in my top 10."

Buncom has 25 D-1 offers. Tennessee, who was in Buncom's top 10, is his other SEC suitor with Vanderbilt. On a St. Augustine team that won a state championship , Buncom was the first junior team captain in the school's history.

"It was a tremendous honor for me to lead a group of my peers." he said. "For guys who are older than me to look at me in a leadership role was eye-opening for me. This year represents a new challenge. All eyes will be on me as a senior captain. My goal is to set an example for my teammates and help us win another state championship. In fact, I think we're going to have a better team this year."

Buncom had more than 90 tackles on defense and also added 260 receiving yards on offense last season. He was named first team All-Area and All-State. Buncom's grandfather, Frank Buncom II, is a member of the San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame.

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