Scheu: Vandy more talented than ever

In his sophomore season, Steven Scheu, 6-5, 250-pound tight end from Evansville, Ind. was given the starting nod six times in the 2013 campaign. He made nine catches for 123 yards and a touchdown. With the arrival of Coach Mason and shift in offensive philosophy from the last staff, Scheu may very well see his numbers increase. He spoke about Coach Mason and the upcoming season at SEC Media Days.

"Coach Mason is coming in fully expecting to win a championship," Scheu said. "He may not be as charismatic and comfortable in front of a camera as coach Franklin, but, on the field, he's extremely intense.

"This year's Vanderbilt team has more talent than any team before it. I'm excited about that and being more involved in the offense. The quarterback doesn't have Jonathan Krause or Jordan Matthews to throw to this year and if you play tight end you know about Stanford.

Scheu reflected on how the team came together after the departure of James Franklin to Penn State.

"It was tough on a lot of guys because Coach Franklin recruited them. It was tough on me as well because when I new coaching staff comes in you never know what you're going to get. As tough as it was, I'm happy now. We now all know Coach Mason, who is one of the most intense guys I've ever been around. We're all very pleased with the selection and wouldn't want to have anyone else as our coach."

Scheu was asked about changing the culture at Vanderbilt and what it meant to beat Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee in the same season.

"It was something kind of prestigious," Scheu said about beating the three SEC East foes. "We hadn't ever been able to do that so it was a monumental achievement. When I got here we didn't have much history and now we're establishing some for the players who come after us to inherit. The rivalry we have with Tennessee isn't something I used to think a whole lot about. Now people are always asking me about it. It's been great to beat them the last couple of years and not be looked at as their little brother any longer.

"We really came together as a unit last season after the heartbreaking loss (to Ole Miss) in our first game. We rallied and battled back and finished the year on a five game wining streak. I think we'll continue that this year. We have players like C.J. Duncan, who is the most athletic player we have, Tre Bell and Darrius Sims are going to be huge in the secondary, Spencer Pulley is soft-spoken but a real leader on our offensive line, and Kyle Woestermann who has been a leader ever since he got to Vanderbilt."

As the questions ended, Scheu was asked about going to school in the bustling city of Nashville.

"You get to hear some great country music," he said, " and you're never bored. There's always something going on."

When asked which SEC player not on his team he most looked forward to watching this coming season, Scheu said Georgia tailback Todd Gurley and added, "but I'm glad it's not my job to tackle him." Top Stories