It's Patton Robinette!

Patton Robinette was named the starter at quarterback for Vandy on Thursday night for next week's opener against Temple. That's good news to me for several.


1) Patton Robinette is a winner. We saw him come of the bench against Georgia when every chance at a win seemed out the window. A couple a quarters later 'Dore fans were celebrating a rare win over the Dawgs.

2) Robinette is a Tennessee man, an east Tennessee man at that. That means no one wants to beat the Big Orange more than Robinette. He delivered last season just a few miles from his hometown of Maryville. In my crystal ball it's likely that he'll flash another "VU" sign in the end zone and deliver a 'W' in Music City this season.

3) He's a leader. Not saying the other two quarterback contenders aren't, but Robinette carries himself well and has that vibe of a leader when he speaks with that deep voice.

4) He's a gamer. He may not be the greatest passer or best runner, but when the game is on the line in the fourth quarter and Vandy needs a play, Robinette is the guy I want behind center.

5) He's got experience. We hear coach Mason say all the time about young players "he just needs some sun ups and sun down". This is another name for experience. Robinette has more college game experience than any VU quarterback. Not just game appearances, but quality experience quarterbacking his team to huge wins. Face it, he's led Vandy to more big wins in a season than any other Vandy quarterback. That experience is priceless.

Johnny McCrary and Stephen Rivers need not hang their heads in despair. They will get their chances in 2014. If they don't think so, just ask a guy named Patton Robinette about 2013.

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