Bankins an option for Mason?

After two games with no offensive touchdowns scored, Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason may be evaluating his options. One option he might be considering is making a change at the offensive coordinator position. Current running backs/special teams coach Charles Bankins may be just the coach for that position.

Some high powered offenses boast having a "point-a-minute" offense. For Vandy it's more like a point-a-game offense. After two games the VU offense has scored just three points; that's 1.5 points per game on average.

That natives are getting restless and there is a very real threat that everything that has been built over the last three years could be wrecked if nothing is done. One option coach Mason may want to consider is making a change at the offensive coordinator position.

If he does that he'll likely consider Charles Bankins. Why? Bankins has lots of experience coaching offensive positions and also has some offensive coordinator time under his belt.

At Vandy and Maryland Bankins has coached tight ends. He's mentored wide receivers at Eastern Kentucky and James Madison. At Hampton in 2006 he was the offensive coordinator/running backs coach. That offense scored 410 points en route to a 10-2 season.

His extensive offensive experience combined with his knowledge of current players due to his previous time at Vandy under James Franklin are good reasons that Mason might consider Bankins for a promotion.

Also, keep in mind that currently the two areas of the team that are having the most success- special teams and running backs- just happen to be coached by Bankins. He's a solid coach and that's all the more reason for Mason to pull the trigger and give Bankins a new challenge.

What does he have to lose? I'd say a lot if he doesn't do anything.

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