Three Keys Revisited Vanderbilt at Georgia

Georgia looked every bit the No. 13 team in the country as they blew away the ‘Dores early en route to a 44-14 victory. Vanderbilt once again looked confused within its own offense game plan and will be hoping that Patton Robinette can get back on the field as soon as possible. Here is a look back at how the three keys played out this weekend.

1) Shut down Todd Gurley – Fail

The negative way to look at this is to see that Vanderbilt failed to shut down Todd Gurley. The positive side of this is to note that nobody shuts down Todd Gurley. The best running back in the nation bulled his way to 162 yards and two touchdowns on the ground while also completing a 50 yard pass, Georgia’s longest passing play of the season, for good measure. The pass came out of the wildcat, or wilddog, formation, which the Bulldogs had previously used to get Gurley a five yard rushing score.

The 162 yards rushing is almost exactly Gurley’s season average. His blend of power and speed is devastating and you feel that the only thing keeping him under 200 or even 250 yards per game is Mark Richt trying to keep his workload down. Everyone knows that Gurley is going to get the ball as Georgia still has no sort of developed passing game. Even with eight in the box no one can stop him. Simply put Gurley is a special, special talent that the ‘Dores should not feel too bad about giving up yards to.

2) Make big plays on kick returns – Fail

Georgia was up by 24 points in the third quarter yet they would still not kick off directly to Darrius Sims. The problem with one of your most potent weapons being on the field only in kick return situations is that it is fairly easy to nullify that ability with squib or directional kicking. In theory a team will give up some field position in that situation, but until Vandy has an offense which is able to march the ball down the field and score you can expect Sims to see virtually none of the ball on kick returns.

As a result I would like to see Karl Dorrell get much more creative in his use of Sims on offense. He is by far the ‘Dores most dangerous open field weapon and he only needs a slight crease to be gone. If Dorrell has anything about him as an offensive coordinator then we will see Sims featured more as the season goes on.

3) Offensive production – Pass

No one is going to confuse the performance on Saturday with that of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, but there were glimpses of what this team can be. Fresh from being shut out offensively a week ago, the ‘Dores put up 17 points and were driving into Georgia territory with the score at 27-10 before a miscommunication/bad play call led to a pick six and the game was put to bed.

The running game still looks great when the offensive staff put their faith in it. Ralph Webb went for 77 yards on 17 carries, while Jerron Seymour and Dallas Rivers both looked great in relief and as change of pace guys. In the passing game tight end Steven Scheu had his best game in the black and gold catching five passes for 74 yards. You feel that if Vandy could just settle on a quarterback, and keep him healthy for more than one game, that this offense would be much better than the one we have seen so far.

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